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The Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica books from Green Candy Press are the only strain guide series I personally know of that aim to give a complete overview of today’s best cannabis strains. This is an ambitious undertaking, to say the least; probably thousands of strains circulate through the cannabis world, and until the advent of medical marijuana just 18 years ago, everything was strictly underground.

Now Volume 3 of Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains has been released, chock full of 100 more delicious looking cannabis varieties. If you enjoy looking at some of the dankest, phattest flowers on Earth, you’ll get your 20 bucks worth out of this volume.

But it’s not just a picture book. Cannabis Indica Volume 3 features up-to-date information about the genetics, growth traits, taste, smell, and effects of the world’s best marijuana. You can take an armchair tour through the gardens of top breeders and discover the amazing cannabis varieties they have to offer.

On a personal level, I was very pleased to see the name of my Australian friend Mark Heinrich listed in the dedication. Mark cares about fine cannabis, as is evident through the world class genetics he has done as much as anyone on the planet to foster and preserve.

Counting the two Cannabis Sativa volumes already out, there are now five volumes in this growing series of strain guides. What seems more and more apparent is that this isn’t just a series of books — those who collect the entire series will have, in effect, an encyclopedia of cannabis. “With five volumes of my cannabis strain guides now on bookshelves, hidden under beds, and proudly displayed in head shops, covering countless classic strains as well as hundreds of new and thrilling plants from numerous countries, I can safely say that we’re well on our way to that goal,” writes author S.T. Oner.

“These books are more than pretty pictures of gorgeous plants and descriptions of how high they’ll get you,” Oner tells us. “They’re more than pages of information, and of cannabis history that goes back thousands of years. They’re more, even, than a labor of love, made possible through collaboration with hundreds of fantastic and talented cannabis lovers, breeders, growers, photographers, and tokers.”

S.T. Oner is particularly excited about one of the new strains featured in Volume 3: Betty Boo, from the Joint Doctor at High Bred Seeds. Oner calls Betty Boo “a plant so compact and heavy with buds at full maturity that I thought it was a single loaded cola the very first time that I saw it in real life. Of course, we should have come to expect nothing less from the man who introduced auto-flowering strains into the market with his game-changing Lowryder, but Betty Boo is something different altogether: the sort of plant that closet growers with limited space have been dreaming about for years.”

Whether you’re looking for perspectives on B.C. God Bud (“Your BC God Bud nugs will definitely need to be doubled bagged if you don’t want everyone on the street to know that you’re holding”), Cheesy Dick (“don’t worry, this is not one of those ‘tastes like it sounds’ strains”), or Pit Bull (“Sit down before you smoke up with Pit Bull, because it is like riot police at a peaceful protest started by hippies: absolutely relentless”), you’ll be not just informed but also thoroughly entertained.

Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains, Volume 3. Edited by S.T. Oner. Green Candy Press, 2013. US $20.00.

Facebook page: Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide


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