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Who’s The Pusher Now?

Ever wished someone would write a catchy song pointing out the hypocrisy of laws that prohibit a natural, non-toxic herb while allowing the distribution of deadly, toxic, addictive drugs like OxyContin, Fentanyl and Dilaudid? Wish no more; there’s a song that does exactly that.

Ellen Bukstel has released a music video which decimates the Drug War.
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Ellen Bukstel has released a music video which decimates the Drug War.

Singer-songwriter Ellen Bukstel has released a music video for the song “Who’s The Pusher Now?” which, in a very clever and entertaining way, deconstructs and destroys the hypocrisy of America’s Drug War.

Cleverly rhyming the names of FDA-approved drugs (“Methadone, Fentanyl, Halcion, Phenobarbitol / Percocet, Thorazine, Opiates, Amphetamine”) to make its biting points, the tune chronicles the United States’ foolish history of supporting the proliferation of severely addictive and deadly drugs, while punishing those who possess and use cannabis, still a Schedule I drug federally despite medical marijuana laws in many states.

“The Drug Wars are a political joke and have hurt and unnecessarily incarcerated millions of Americans for too long,” Bukstel said. “The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was a travesty — a mistake — propaganda.”

“Stop the proliferation of private prisons,” Bukstel said. “Stop the hypocrisy of the Federal Government from incarcerating people for fallacious marijuana laws, while at the same time providing legal protection for deadly pharmaceutical drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Her powerfully conceived, edgy and provocative video for the folky, New Orleans flavored song, which she wrote in 2012, features compelling, colorful and often hypnotic original motion graphics created by her award-winning filmmaker son Todd Segal.

The opening and closing images of this provocative video frame the tale brilliantly, as the clip launches with the words “We The People” from the United States Constitution stamped on a slow burning joint, and wraps up with an incendiary image of Bukstel singing in front of fire-orange graphic of our Capitol building.

“Besides my obvious bias, this video is one of the best I have ever seen, let alone to represent,” said Steven Machat, the owner of who has partnered with Bukstel to promote the song and video. “It is artistic. It is truth. It is rhythm and rhyme designed to pen our hearts and expand our minds.”

Machat’s opinion carries some weight, as he has represented and worked with many top artists including James Brown, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Snoop Lion, and Leonard Cohen.

The song, which Bukstel cowrote with Nick Annis and Brett Segal, has been nominated for a 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Award (HMMA). It was also a nominee for the 2014 Libby Award for Best Music Video and got an Honorable Mention for Song of the Month, July 2014, from People’s Music Network. It was a finalist in the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards.

For more information on Ellen Bukstel, you can visit

Who’s The Pusher Now
©2012 Ellen Bukstel (co-writers Nick Annis & Brett Segal)

Back round 1935… Depression ridin high
People trying to have some fun… smokin’ dope and opium
Government did what they do best… makin’ a mess
Made a crime that’s victimless… criminalizing cannabis

And the big drug money machine… sells Oxy and Morphine
Legals Drug get us hooked… a million deaths overlooked
Methadone… Fentanyl … Halcion… Phenopbarbitol
Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

Follow the corporate money trail… while decent people rot in jail
Guarantee full occupancy… for private prison industry
Caught up in a livin’ hell.. with a couple a million prison cells
And government hypocrisy… payin’ for modern slavery

And the big drug money machine… sells Oxy and Morphine
Federal laws still protect… drugs with deadly side affects
Percocet… Thorazine… Opiates… Amphetamine
Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

War on drugs… a political joke… lockin’ us up for smoking dope
No reason for doing time… with a punishment …when there ain’t no crime

No cartels are runnin’ beer… prohibition made it clear
When you turn a market black… it’s hard to turn it back
When government gets behind the gun… IRS is never done
Our taxes pay the FDA… so the DEA can put us away

And the government drug money machine… runs like its on Dexedrine
Politicians legislate… so they can mass incarcerate
Look at the human cost… personal rights gettin’ tossed
Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

While the big drug money machine… Sells Oxy and Morphine
Cannabis guaranteed … harmless as a garden weed
When your body gives you pain….smoke some medical Mary Jane
Let the government take a bow… Let the government take a bow
Who’s the pusher now?!


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