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You’ve done what? You’ve waited until the 11th hour to buy a holiday gift for that cannabis enthusiast in your life?

OK, I can help you this time, man. You can still come out of this smelling like a rose, or a sticky flower of Afgoo, if you prefer. Your stoner friend doesn’t have to know quite how self-absorbed you are; you can seem actually thoughtful! 

Yes, by getting that bong-sucking, bowl-packing, joint-twisting, dab-taking stoner in your life one of these books, not only will you make them happy by giving them something they’ll enjoy — if you’re lucky, they’ll think fond thoughts of you every time they look at the book!


High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society by Dr. Carl Hart (HarperCollins, 2013)

When the United States intensified its War on Drugs in the mid-1980s, the media, government policy, police forces and Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign all painted the perils of drug use. Crack/cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and other illegal drugs were all blamed for increased murder rates, addiction, overdoses and a myriad of other problems plaguing the country’s urban areas.

Growing up African American in one of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods, Carl Hart, Ph.D. never questioned that crack may be the cause of his family’s and neighborhood’s problems with violence and abuse. But as he got older, he decided to further explore the truth behind illegal drugs—what long-term effects did they have? Were they as addictive as he had heard?

The book is based on 22 years of research as a groundbreaking neuropsychopharmacologist about the study and science of drug addiction, but it is also a provocative and eye-opening memoir where he recalls his journey of self-discovery, how he avoided a life of crime and drugs and avoided becoming one of the crack addicts he now studies.



World War D: The Case Against Prohibitionism — A Roadmap to Controlled Re-Legalization by Jeffrey Dhywood (Columbia Communications, 2011)

Jeffrey Dhywood‘s World War D examines the question: Are organized societies capable of managing psychoactive substances, instead of leaving the job to organized crime?

Dhywood thinks they are, and this book explains why and how, clearly demonstrating the prohibition is the worst possible form of “control,” pointing out that the so-called “controlled substances” are effectively out of control.

The book lays out a roadmap to global drug re-legalization under a “legalize, tax, control, prevent, treat and educate” plan which would minimize societal costs.

The book is being offered at 50 percent off both the paperback and e-book versions through December 31.



The Marijuana Chronicles edited by Jonathan Santlofer (Akashic Books, 2013)

“The idea of a pot anthology struck me as long overdue, something that would appeal to all sorts of readers for a whole range of reasons,” Marijuana Chronicles editor Jonathan Santlofer, the author of five best-selling novels, told Toke Signals. “I wanted a book that would reflect the multiplicity of feeling the drug evokes — from outrage to complacency, funny to sad, wistful to serious, sometimes profound and sometimes even silly.

“To that end, I sought a diverse group of people who I felt would approach the idea of marijuana from personal experience or with the sharp eye of an observer or anthropologist,” Santlofer said. “I knew Joyce Carol Oates would produce an intense story; Edward Madrid Gomez something romantic and filled with yearning; Lee Child a world laced with menace seen through a drugged high; 1960s radical Raymond Mungo something that would combine his daily usage of pot with a story set in real time and place; Bower Poetry Club founder Bob Holman something hilarious, a poem undoubtedly written under the influence; Dean Haspiel a funny, hallucinatory graphic comic in contrast to something hard-hitting from cultural critic Linda Yablonsky — and more.”

“My hope is that The Marijuana Chronicles is never one point of view, one bias, or one note, but rather a symphony of diverse voices on one topic,” Santlofer said.

“Some writing projects are difficult,” Santlofer writes in his introduction; “this one was smooth and mellow and a continual pleasure. I hope you will sit back, relax, and enjoy these wide-ranging tales of the most debated and discussed drug of our time.”



Hempology 101: The History and Uses of Cannabis Sativa by Ted Smith (4th Edition, The International Hempology Society, 2012)

For the past 18 years, veteran activist and scholar Ted Smith has been living the cannabis culture in British Columbia, and distilling it into a signature monograph. Smith says Hempology 101 is “the first ever textbook on the subject.”

For more than six years, Ted has been delivering a weekly lecture series about the history and uses of hemp at the University of Victoria. The UVSS Hempology 101 Club is the largest student club at the University of Victoria.

In 1996, Smith started the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada to supply medical cannabis, edibles, and topical products to people suffering from disabilities.

The book presents a holistic view of the mutual relationship between humanity and hemp, beginning with the prehistoric origins of the symbiosis, and following it through ancient and modern history. The book ends with a practical account of the author’s fight against prohibition.



Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide by Mel Frank (3rd Edition, Green Candy Press, 2012)

Written by commercial-scale grower Mel Thomas, nicknamed “Mr. Big” by the authorities, Cannabis Cultivation offers the expertise, tips and insights Mel learned at the helm of one of the world’s largest marijuana growing operations.

Ideal for beginners and anyone interested in growing marijuana indoors, the book avoids technical jargon and boring theory, and just offers step-by-step instructions on how to grow and harvest high quality cannabis using simple techniques and inexpensive gardening tools.

All of the important factors influencing growth rate, yield, and potency, are covered, including lighting, rooting mediums, pH, nutrients, and more.

The author was eventually arrested after a covert operation involving more than 30 officers from four separate police forces. He was charged with conspiring to produce $4 million worth of marijuana. When sentencing Frank, the trial judge called him “a horticultural expert involved in a resolute and successful attempt to grow marijuana on a commercial scale.”

The third edition has more than 300 full-color photos and illustrations, as well as new info on closet and bonsai growing for those with limited space.



The Medical Marijuana Survival Guide: Tips From a Former Police Officer Turned Medical Marijuana Patient by Nate Bradley (Prop 215 Cop Publishing, 2012)

Written by former law enforcement officer Nate Bradley, founder of Lawmen Protecting Patients (LPP), The Medical Marijuana Survival Guide offers a unique look into the life of a medical marijuana patient. The book provides step by step instructions on handling many of the obstacles in being a MMJ patient, including:

• What you should do if you are stopped by the cops and you have medical marijuana in your car

• Understanding why medical marijuana patients are still being arrested if medical marijuana is “legal”

• How to safely and securely cultivate marijuana for medical use

•Telling your family that you are a medical marijuana patient

• How to become an advocate for the medical marijuana community.



Marijuana Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Like a Pro by Mediman (Green Candy Press, 2012)

Having gotten a license to grow medical marijuana in order to medicate his then-terminal illness, Mediman found himself in a predicament: He needed to supply his heavy medicinal use with the 25 plants that his license allowed him to grow.

Mediman says he finally perfected his growing style and found a way to harvest nine pounds of bud from 25 small indoor plants.

Much like a do-it-yourself pocket guide, this book walks the reader through every step, supported by illustrative photos. The information is crafted for the absolute beginner as well as those looking to simplify their grow, or to increase production.

From building your own grow room and choosing your strains, to creating a mother plant and the easiest way to harvest, Mediman covers cannabis cultivation in an accessible and informative way.



Blowing Smoke: Rethinking the War on Drugs Without Prohibition and Rehab by Michael J. Reznicek (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012)

Dr. Michael Reznicek is a psychiatrist who deals with substance abusers. Drawing on his experiences, he dares to question to medical profession’s claim of special expertise in the “drug rehab” area, explaining how the disease model of addiction and the medicalization of drug use undermine freedom and responsibility.

Blowing Smoke argues that we are losing the Drug War because of our fixation on the disease model of substance abuse. That model drives our two strategies in the war: prohibition laws and drug rehab. Reznicek traces the history and science behind each “solution” to show how they paradoxically enable drug abuse. He then proposes a new model for understanding drug use — the habit model — and shows how it would lead to more effective strategies.

Using the habit model, Dr. Reznicek suggests the solution to the drug problem is to turn back the clock and to take lessons from societies that use social controls and consequences to deal with addiction and drug abuse. He recommends the legalization of drugs for adults, the implementation of social practices to dissuade abusers, and an end to the use of “rehab” as a way of handling addiction.



Marijuana: Let’s Grow A Pound — A Day-By-Day Guide to Growing More Than You Can Use by SeeMoreBuds (Quick American, 2012)

This grow book for indoor gardeners shows how to always have a large stash on hand for you and your friends. It explains how to grow a pound of marijuana using simple and effective techniques. The book uses a visual day-to-day format that displays the daily growth of the garden with full-color detail so you can compare the progress to the author’s garden.

The first section shows how to prepare a closet and set up the equipment. We see seeds being pushed into rockwool cubes for germination, then get transplanted to three-gallon containers filled with nutrient-supplemented soil mix. The book continues to Day 70, harvest time, and goes into the harvesting, curing and manicuring processes in detail.

Author SeeMoreBuds is a protegé of Ed Rosenthal, who challenged him to run two competing gardens, one with CO2 supplementation and one without. The book follows both gardens, and the CO2 garden delivered close to two pounds. (According to the book, using CO2 will get you more bud for the same electric bill, and the extra yield from your first harvest will more than cover the cost of the equipment.)



Baked Italian: Over 50 Mediterranean Marijuana Meals by Yzabetta Sativa (Green Candy, 2013)

Few marijuana cookbooks admit that cannabis is a spicy, harsh-tasting plant that’s difficult to cook due to its flavor, consistency, and inability to dissolve in water. Baked Italian, the first cannabis cookbook to focus on Italian recipes, addresses these issues head on by providing clear visual and textual instructions on how to make marijuana foods and drinks that look and taste great.

These recipes work around the flavor and texture of cannabis, producing delicious edibles that patients and recreational users can actually enjoy eating and drinking. Author and chef Yzabetta Sativa specializes in preparing healthy and gourmet cuisine and beverages for medical marijuana patients.

The book includes more than 100 recipes for such dishes as spaghetti marinara, crostini, lemon panna cotta, ganja gin, and coffee gelato. Multiple methods of extracting THC from cannabis are examined.


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