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Take too much Tylenol at once and you will die an agonizing death (it may take three or four days), because the acetaminophen overdose will kill your liver.

Take it at the recommended dosages for months or years, and you may still slowly destroy your liver.

At around four grams of Tylenol (4,000 mg, just eight extra strength tablets), liver toxicity sets in. This may or may not be fatal at that level, but at around 10 to 12 grams at once (20 to 24 500-milligram tablets), death is almost a guarantee.

One hundred people die from acetaminophen overdoses every year in the United States. About half of those are intentional (suicides), and the other half are accidents, often by people who don’t realize acetaminophen is added to almost every prescription pain pill.

Smoke “too much” cannabis — if you’re able! — and you’ll just get really hungry, then really sleepy, and then wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

As a Schedule I “narcotic,” one of these substances can get you some serious federal prison time.

It’s not Tylenol.

U.S. federal government, we’ve got a problem…


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