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Apparently, the more than 200 pesticides allowed on Washington state cannabis products just don’t cover all the bases. Seven fertilizers, a mildew control spray, a spider mite spray, and six “unregistered products” (consisting of four more fertilizers plus two foliar sprays, one of which is also a fertilizer) were banned on Thursday because they “contain ingredients that are not allowed for use on marijuana.”

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced it has detected residues of one or more undisclosed pesticide ingredients in 15 products. Several of these products contain ingredients that are not allowed for use on marijuana, which could cause marijuana to fail the Washington State Department of Health pesticide testing requirements for compliant marijuana products.

“In addition,” reads a joint official announcement from the WSDA and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), “some of these ingredients could result in the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board confiscating and destroying marijuana if they are found on products in quantities above the recently adopted action levels.”

“The WSDA has issued statewide stop sale orders for these products, and these products are not allowed for use on marijuana in Washington until further notice,” the announcement reads.


  1. Safergro Mildew Cure for Powdery Mildew Control, WA Reg. No. 68573-08004
  2. SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control Concentrate, WA Reg. No. 998660-10002


  1. Humboldt Roots 0-0.25-0.25, WA Reg. No. 1916-0028
  2. Olivia’s Cloning Gel .08-.15-.09, WA Reg. No. 1181-0002
  3. Optic Foliar AT-AK [sic, actually “Atak”]0.06-0-0.15, WA Reg. No. 2097-0007
  4. Optic Foliar Overgrow 0.8-0.16-3.2, WA Reg. No. 2097-0005
  5. Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 0-7-8, WA Reg. No. 2422-0006
  6. Root 66 1-1-1, WA Reg. No. 1707-0014
  7. The Hammer 10-25-15, WA Reg. No. 1827-0015

Unregistered Products:

  1. Frost Protection Plus, unregistered product
  2. NPK Mighty Wash, unregistered product
  3. OG Rapid Flower + Hardener, unregistered fertilizer product
  4. Optic Foliar Switch 0-0.02-2, unregistered fertilizer product
  5. Pyyro K 0-3-7, unregistered fertilizer product
  6. Vita Grow Thunder Boom [sic, actually “Thunder Bloom”], unregistered fertilizer product

“The WSDA is updating the allowed pesticides list, and will be working with the registrants, manufacturers, and other agencies to resolve this issue,” the announcement reads. “The PICOL database will be updated to reflect this change as soon as possible.”




  • Immediately discontinue use of these products and remove these products from the licensed premises.
  • Advise all processors to whom you have sold marijuana treated with these products that the marijuana may have been treated with an undisclosed pesticide.


  • Provide a notice about the possible use of the undisclosed pesticide to retailers who carry your products that may have been treated with these products.


  • Post the notice provided by the processor in a conspicuous location on your licensed premises.



  • For information regarding the registration of pesticides and fertilizers, please contact the WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration Section.

Phone: 360-902-2025

Email for pesticide registration:

Email for fertilizer registration:

  • For information regarding how to comply with the pesticide label, please contact the WSDA Pesticide Compliance Program.

Phone: 360-902-2040


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