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A protest against Idaho state Sen. Chuck Winder’s presentation of RS 21862 and 21872 to permanently ban marijuana in Idaho, regardless its application— meaning recreational, spiritual, or medical — will be held on Wednesday, February 20, at the State House in Idaho.

The protest is being organized by Idaho NORML, Idaho Moms for Marijuana and Compassionate Idaho.

“The secretary for the Senate Affairs has just let me know that we are scheduled for the 20th in the Senate Auditorium at 8 am,” Lindsey Rinehart of Compassionate Idaho. “They have one short thing in front of us and then those two bills until 10 am.”

Lindsey Rinehart, Compassionate Idaho: "Quote"
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Lindsey Rinehart, Compassionate Idaho:
“Your presence alone will help show the support behind legalizing marijuana use of any kind in Idaho. Let’s fill that auditorium!”

There will be limited speaking available as the slots fill, according to Rinehart. “Please send a notice that you would like to speak to ,” she said. “You will then need to sign up again when physically present. You may also e-mail your testimony to this address or turn it in in person.”

“Please join us on Wednesday the 20th at the Senate Auditorium in the State House,” Rinehart said. “Your presence alone will help show the support behind legalizing marijuana use of any kind in Idaho. Let’s fill that auditorium!”

You can also use the contact info posted below to call, email, or write your own representatives and Sen. Winder and tell them to get rid of these bills.

Senator Winder’s contact information
Telephone 208.332.1307
Email Call his office and tell him to take back this language immediately. 

Where: Idaho State Capitol Building, Room WW55

Why: “Our State Elected Officials are supposed to represent us, Idahoans, and make our wishes and demands know and attempt to see them effected. Chuck Winder has no business attempting to ban marijuana in Idaho, since a 2010 Clear Research Poll showed 74 percent of Idahoans polled to be supportive of medical marijuana legalization, and there is a healthy percentage of us who would see it legalized entirely.”

“Our neighbors in Washington have spoken up and made responsible marijuana possession legal, as did Colorado. Many cities across the nation have decriminalized marijuana possession and use, or made it ‘lowest priority’– Hailey, Idaho being one of them. With 18 states allowing medical marijuana, and multiple states preparing to introduce legislation to legalize it in the coming year, it is absolutely a step backward for Mr. Winder to introduce this bill.”

“If you’re tired of waiting for Idaho to catch up with modern medical scientific research that proves marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and a better medicine than most currently legal prescription medications — if you’re tired of being considered a criminal because you choose to use a plant — if you don’t want to see your children fighting the same battle we are now — SHOW UP and SPEAK UP for your right to choose!”


Curt McKenzie (R)
District 13
412 W. Franklin St., Boise, 83702
Bus (208) 344-4379
FAX (208) 331-2150

Bart M. Davis (R)
Majority Leader
District 33
2638 Bellin Circle, Idaho Falls, 83402
Home (208) 529-4993
Bus (208) 522-8100
FAX (208) 522-1334

Russell M. Fulcher (R)
Majority Caucus Chair
District 22
P.O. Box 1166, Meridian, 83680-1166
Bus (208) 332-1340
FAX (208) 332-1422

Brent Hill (R)
President Pro Tempore
District 34
1010 S. 2nd E., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-7495

Chuck Winder (R)
Assistant Majority Leader
District 20
5528 N. Ebbetts Ave., Boise, 83713
Home (208) 853-9090

Patti Anne Lodge (R)
District 11
P.O. Box 96, Huston, 83630
Home (208) 459-7158

Jeff C. Siddoway (R)
District 35
1764 E. 1200 N., Terreton, 83450
Home (208) 663-4585
FAX (208) 663-4428

Michelle Stennett (D)
Minority Leader
District 26
P.O. Box 475, Ketchum, 83340
Home (208) 726-8106

Elliot Werk (D)
Assistant Minority Leader
District 17
6810 Randolph Dr., Boise, 83709

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