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I start the day with a Hemp Protein Powder drink before the gym. This gives me an early morning protein boost and the workout gets my blood flowing for the day. I wash up using Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Soap that comes in so many refreshing scents. The Rose aroma reminds me of my grandmother, the Lavender of spring and the classic Peppermint is sure to leave you tingly all over.

I put on my ultra light and comfortable Patagonia Naked Maui Hempen Mocs, slip on a super-soft and brilliantly colored Jungmaven Hemp T-shirt and open up my drapes made with Hemp Traders’ Hemp/Silk Fabric to greet a new day! Oops! I forgot to put on pants! OK, I found my Patagonia Hemp Overstone Pants, so I’m all set.

Fortunately, more and more mainstream companies, including the multinational retailer H&M, are featuring hemp products, so keep your eyes peeled for hemp. In the fall, I wear a nice Hemp Hoodie and during our long, cold winters my Hemp Hoodlamb Jacket and Faux-fur Hood keeps me toasty warm!

I apply some protective Merry Hempsters Lip Balm and if I have an itch, rash or aching muscle, I make sure to dab on either a little Hemp-Eaze Cannabis Root Salve or Merry Hempsters Healing Hemp Salve. If my hands are feeling rough, I just smooth on some great smelling Hempz Hemp Seed Oil Lotion and I’m good to go!

For breakfast, I add some Shelled Hemp Seed to my cereal. Shelled Hemp Seed goes by many names including Hemp Hearts, Soft Hemp and Hemp Nut, but no matter what you call it, it is so very tasty and super good for you.

At lunch, I dip veggies in some Homemade Hemp Seed Butter (see recipe below). This stuff will make you green with envy — emerald green, that is, since that’s the deep, rich, beautiful hue of this colorful concoction (see recipe below). You always hear in the media that you should eat fish to get your Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids. Well, eating Hemp to get your Omegas is much healthier for you and its better for the fish too!

For a snack, a few Hempzels Hemp Sourdough Pretzels dunked in some of their zesty Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard really hits the spot. Yummy!

This may motivate me to jot a note about Vote Hemp to a friend on one of Natureflection’s Hemp/Recycled Paper Greeting Cards. These cards have some of the most breathtakingly beautiful photographs of flowers, vegetables and wildlife that I’ve ever seen. Vote Hemp is a nonprofit advocacy organization that lobbies our legislators and educates everyday Americans about the beneficial aspects of Industrial Hemp, so please make an effort to support them.

Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a big ‘ol glass of Tempt Chocolate Hemp Milk mixed 50/50 with their Unsweetened Original Hemp Milk which reduces the calories but not the great taste. If I’m on the run, I’ll wolf down one of Ruth’s Hemp Power Bars — so many great flavors, including Cranberry/Almond.

On the weekends, if it’s cold and damp out, I’ll fortify myself with some oatmeal made with Hemp Milk. Or, I might whip up some waffles or pancakes using Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Milk and a sprinkle of Shelled Hemp Seed. Tremendously tasty and oh so good for you!

Oftentimes, I buy my Hemp Protein Powders, Shelled Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Power Bars online from some of my favorite people including Nutiva, Ruth’s Hemp Foods and Manitoba Harvest. They have great sales and other incentives to get you to try the ever expanding number of hemp products on the market.

Your local health food store should carry hemp food products too but if they don’t, let them know how nutritious the humble hemp seed is and ask them to order you some. Whole Foods also carries a number of different hemp foods.

Remember, shopping can actually help end Hemp Prohibition, so get out there and do your patriotic duty and buy some HEMP! The larger we can make the market for Hemp Products, the more leverage we have with our legislators to get them to allow American farmers to once again grow Hemp.

Help end Hemp Prohibition one healthy, tasty bite at a time!

Manitoba Harvest’s Homemade Hemp Seed Butter Recipe:
1 cup Shelled Hemp Seed
2-3 tbsp Hemp Oil

Combine Shelled Hemp Seed and Hemp Oil in a blender or food processor for 2-3 minutes or until creamy. You can add a few dates or tablespoons of honey or agave syrup for a slightly sweeter batch. For easier spreading, a bit more Hemp Oil can be added. Store in a sealed container in a refrigerator.

Postscript: What is a “True Hempster?” During the 1800s, a number of other fibers began competing with Cannabis Hemp for the production of string, rope and cordage. These “Hemps” were less expensive than Cannabis Hemp and were made out of various materials including jute grown in India, agave from Mexico and abaca from the Philippines (i.e., Manila Hemp). Cannabis Hemp was known as “True Hemp” because of its longstanding historical use and one time dominance of the fiber market. Hemp that was “True” came from the Cannabis Hemp plant just as True Hempsters are proponents of the same. You can learn a lot more about Cannabis Hemp’s rich and varied history at

A True Hempster’s Shopping List

Dr. Bronner’s:


Hemp Traders:



Merry Hempsters:


Hempz Body Care:



Vote Hemp:

Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk:

Ruth’s Hemp Foods:


Manitoba Harvest:



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