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A group of Washington state medical marijuana patient/activists has exposed secret law enforcement meetings on medical marijuana, held by Washington State Liquor Control Board officials as they prepared to extend their authority to medicinal cannabis in the state as they implemented I-502, the recreational marijuana legalization initiative approved by state voters back in 2012.

The announcement, from the Board of Directors of the Viper’s Club, is reproduced in its entirety below. ~ Steve Elliott

To all concerned,

We are hearing from sources in Olympia that the WSLCB will be participating in daytime meetings with medical cannabis stakeholders for seven meetings during the month of November, including non-profits and law enforcement, in addition to the ones scheduled in the evenings for the public.

This is more than a little disturbing to hear, especially considering the 17 violations of the Open Public Meetings Act committed by the board found by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Christine Schaller as reported by the Associated Press and other major news media back in November of 2014.

The WSLCB has not shown good faith when it comes to the issue of public accountability and the patient community’s concerns have largely been ignored in the past.

It becomes even more alarming considering the aggressive nature of law enforcement against the medical community lately. Recent news coming from King County out of the White Center press conference our reporters covered shows an active role by the WSLCB, becoming more involved in medical cannabis than just age compliance checks, well before the July 2016 date when collectives are to be closed.

Since we represent the most highly affected stakeholders (chronically ill patients) of the medical cannabis rule-making, we wish to remind you of the agency’s duty to inform the public when and where they can attend those daytime meetings with law enforcement and nonprofits as required by law.

Kirk Ludden, as sponsor and Executive Director of I-1372, while falling short of qualifying for the November 2015 ballot, represents the 27,707 people who signed the initiative.

We trust the WSLCB will be open, transparent and inclusive of the public in all matters going forward in this process and hope this reminder serves to underscore how much this issue will be watched by our group and others. Providing transparency with all public records and the agency rule making file is vital to serving the people’s best interests. We trust the LCB will include a public scheduling of all board meetings with the list of all daytime and evening events listed together well in advance so the public is well represented.


Executive Directors
Kirk Ludden (Registered Volunteer Lobbyist)
Brian Stone
Gina Garcia
John Novak

Marc Remenar
Arthur West
Chris Bornstedt (Registered Volunteer Lobbyist)
Stephanie Viskovich (Registered Volunteer Lobbyist)
Hugh Newmark

Non-profit Washington state multimedia, charity organization


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