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Annie Nelson, wife of award-winning music legend and longtime marijuana advocate Willie Nelson, is debuting Annie’s Edibles as part of the Willie’s Reserve™ cannabis line. The first products, infused artisan chocolates, are now available at select retailers in Washington.

Annie’s Infused Chocolates are handcrafted, infused chocolates, according to the company. The chocolate comes from Fine & Raw Chocolate, “who use consciously sourced ingredients and low-heat techniques to keep the chocolate’s raw vitality and flavor.”

“As part of the Willie’s Reserve™ legendary cannabis stash, Annie’s Infused Chocolates are infused using a proprietary whole-plant cannabis extraction process that maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, in low dose confections,” according to a Monday press release.

“I make my infused chocolates for people who want to enjoy gourmet cannabis chocolate in a controllable way. It’s important that my chocolates are suitable for those with diet restrictions – whether someone is vegan, has Celiac Disease or gluten allergies, requires a low or balanced sweetener diet or if they have a low tolerance to cannabis they can still enjoy the benefits of my infused chocolates,” said Annie, creator of Annie’s Edibles.

Since handcrafting the first batch, Annie said she takes pride in every ingredient that goes into the recipe.

A “Zero Crap Policy” is followed in Annie’s kitchen, which results in fair trade, antioxidant-rich chocolates that are gluten-free, vegan and 100 percent raw. Coconut palm sugar is also used because it is more nutritious and lower on the glycemic index than table sugar.

Annie said she brought together this medley of health and environmentally conscious ingredients to create an infused superfood appropriate for both new and experienced cannabis consumers. Every ingredient is picked with care, according to Annie. This includes the cannabis, “which is grown through responsible partners and held to the highest standards,” according to Willie’s Reserve.

Annie’s Edibles infused chocolates are available from Willie’s Reserve™ from select Washington dispensaries:

  • Herb(n) Elements
  • Herban Legends
  • Locals Canna House
  • Have a Heart
  • Evergreen Market
  • Always Greener Downtown
  • Buddy’s Pot Shop
  • Bud Hut
  • Mary Jane’s House of Grass
  • Clear Choice Cannabis
  • Gypsy Green
  • The Grass Station

Each piece of Annie’s Infused Chocolates is infused with 5 mg of THC. “Those who regularly enjoy cannabis may choose to indulge in two chocolate squares, while those new to cannabis are encouraged to start with one square or half of one square,” Annie’s Edibles responsibly advises us. But still, I believe I’ll have at least three or four, when I get the chance.

As with all edibles, especially carb-based ones, it may take up to 90 minutes to feel the full effect of the cannabis.

About Willie’s Reserve

WILLIE’S RESERVE is a line of cannabis products inspired by American music legend and long-time marijuana advocate Willie Nelson. Launched in 2016, Willie’s Reserve is now available in Colorado, Washington and Nevada.

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