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Has the Bic company refused to print Seattle Hempfest-branded lighters with marijuana leaves on them?

It has, according to a status update posted on Seattle Hempfest’s Facebook page Friday afternoon.

“Bic Lighters, after years of printing our lighters, has now refused to print pot leaves on lighters for us,” the update reads. “Is that crazy?

“We’ve been producing Hempfest lighters for some time,” the update reads. “Bic has chickened out.

“How much money do you think Bic lighters [make] off of the cannabis culture?” the update reads. “Equality some day!”

A couple of questions immediately arise.

That ain't no Bic lighter... (I got this at Seattle Hempfest 2012)
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That ain’t no Bic lighter… (I got this at Seattle Hempfest 2012)

• First, does Bic do its own in-house branded printing? As pointed out by Facebook commenters Lisa Heffner Smith and Beth Hughes, it could be Bic denying this, or it could be a separate specialty company.

“Most imprintable items are done via an ad specialty company,” Hughes commented. “I wasn’t aware that Bic had its own in-house printing company.

“Not sure WHERE Hempfest gets their lighters imprinted, but I could find NO INFO on their website that shows they do their own imprinting,” Hughes commented. “This beef must be with whatever company the festival’s ad specialty company uses for imprinting and NOT Bic!”

The Bic company didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

• Secondly, the 2012 Seattle Hempfest lighter I have wasn’t made by Bic at all — it is branded “TOUCH LITE” on one side and “CHINA” on the other, and is of the squared-off Scripto style of disposable lighter, not the rounded Bic style.

So, is a boycott of Bic in order? Or are the bad guys someone else? Stay tuned, stoners…


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