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C is for Cannabinoids
The Cannabis flower has over 50 Cannabinoids that have great therapeutic value. We all know about how useful THC is, but there’s also Cannabidiol, or CBD, which is found in industrial hemp. We need more research into all of these Cannabinoids, and if you discover a new Cannabinoid, you get to name it. You could call it “TetraHydroCannabiDarrell.”

A is for Architecture
Did you know you can actually build an entire house out of industrial hemp? You can use hemp concrete, hemp particle board, hemp insulation and hemp composite shingles. And I challenge you to design and build a hemp house.

John Dvorak wrote this article for Toke Signals
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John Dvorak wrote this article for Toke Signals

N is for Nutrition
The humble hemp seed is chock full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. It’s high in protein, high in fiber. It’s gluten free and cholesterol free and there are no known allergies to hemp foods. Why is that? We need more research into this area.

N is for iNnovation
Thanks to prohibition, the entire hemp industry has been decimated. We need engineers to invent new machinery to harvest and process hemp. We need innovators to create new hemp products and we need entrepreneurs to start new hemp companies. If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of anything, the hemp industry is it. The payoffs could be huge, but it is going to be a long, hard struggle.

A is for Arts
If you are a graphic artist or you like to draw, why not create a hemp superhero cartoon? He could run around fighting prohibition and planting hemp. Or, if you’re into musical theatre, why not produce the Caitlin County Hemp Wars? It is a great musical about a family trying to save their farm by growing hemp.

B is for Biofuels
You can make all sorts of fuel out of hemp. You can make biodiesel out of hemp seed oil, ethanol out of the stalk and you can compress hemp stalks into pellets for wood burning stoves. We need more analysis that proves that hemp is a better source for biofuels than corn.

I is for Inform
We need to rebut Reefer Madness. We need to take the debate to the media. Write letters to the editor, go on talk radio. Talk to your friends and family. We need to de-stigmatize Cannabis Hemp.

S is for Shopping
Yes ladies, shopping can help end prohibition! The more hemp products we buy, the more pressure we can put on congress to let our farmers to grow hemp. You can find hemp products online and at health food stores everywhere.

H is for History
Hemp has been used for thousands of years by almost every civilization on earth. In the 1600s-1700s all of the sailing ships were rigged with cannabis hemp cordage. There is a lot of undiscovered hemp history so start digging. You never know what hempen treasure you’ll find.

E is for the Environment
Hemp can make so many green products. You can make biodegradable plastics, biodegradable high-strength composites, tree free paper. Hemp uses less pesticides than other crops. We need to document all of the great environmental benefits of industrial hemp.

M is for the Multiplier Effect
Hemp can help revitalize rural America. If our farmers could grow hemp, produce hemp products locally and sell those products locally, that money keeps getting spent over and over creating a self-sustaining economy. Hemp is the Green Buffalo! Native Americans used the entire buffalo to survive; hair, snoot, balls ‘n all. And you can make so many essential products out of hemp. That’s why I call hemp the Green Buffalo.

P is for Politics
P is for the Politics that it is going to take to legalize hemp. Our government conflates hemp with marijuana confusing the issue. We need to work with Vote Hemp to lobby congress. We need to work with other organizations like SSDP.

Now you know that A-B-C’s of the Cannabis Curriculum!


“C” is for Cannabis

C is for the Cannabinoids that heal us
A is for the Architecture that shields us
N is for hemp’s Nutritious foods, soaps & lotions
N is for iNnovative products that keep us in motion
A is for the Arts that entertain us
B is for the Bio-fuels that sustain us
I is Informing others of hemp’s utility
S means Shopping can end prohibition’s futility!

H is hempen cordage sailing through History
E is for hemp’s Environmental efficiency
M is the economic Multiplier to optimize
P is for the Politics needed to legalize!

~ John Dvorak



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