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The campaign in support of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, on Tuesday announced that its first two television ads are currently running statewide on both broadcast and cable.

The ads highlight for California voters Proposition 64’s approach to cannabis decriminalization, what supporters call “its toughest-in the-nation safeguards for families and local communities,” and “its funding of important youth and job training programs.” They emphasize the restrictive nature of Prop. 64’s rules surrounding marijuana marketing and sales, apparently aimed at voters who are a bit fearful of legalization.

To view the new ads, see below, go to, or click here: and

Brian Brokaw, Yes On 64: "Quote" []
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Brian Brokaw, Yes On 64:
“Californians overwhelmingly support replacing marijuana criminalization with a smarter, safer approach”

“Californians overwhelmingly support replacing marijuana criminalization with a smarter, safer approach,” said Brian Brokaw, campaign manager for Yes on Proposition 64. “Proposition 64 is the most comprehensive, thoughtful marijuana policy in the nation and reflects the input of the hundreds of organizations and experts – and these ads are designed to straightforwardly communicate the vast safeguards and benefits of Proposition 64 to every voter in the state.”

Proposition 64 has split the medical cannabis community, with some seeing new opportunity and others fearing it will wreck a system that is working for nearly 800,000 medical pot card holders.

Mom-and-pop growing artisanal growing operations have expressed concerns that the pro-corporate tilt of AUMA-style recreational marijuana “legalization” might endanger small businesses which helped establish the cannabis culture in California in the first place, by AUMA’s favoring of the deep-pocketed corporations which have helped finance its campaign.

“Because of the double taxation and the permit fees, you are not going to have affordable medication,” medical marijuana dispensary operator Lanette Davies predicted as a patient bought a $33 bag of Jedi Kush marijuana, reports Patrick McGreevy at the Los Angeles Times. “The people who are going to suffer are those who are disabled, who are on low incomes. They are not going to be able to get life-saving medicine.”

“Any suggestion that patients will somehow be priced out of access under Prop. 64 is simply wrong, especially when every economist agrees that marijuana prices will decrease when the market is fully legal and regulated,” claimed Proposition 64 spokesman Jason Kinney.

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