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Canadian women will, in early 2017, have a reportedly effective, all-natural option for their sexual health needs.


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FORIA Pleasure will be available to the Canadian cannabis market early 2017 thanks to a new partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation

FORIA Pleasure, which, according to its manufacturer, is “the first cannabis-infused sensual enhancement oil for women,” is slated to hit Canadian shelves in January.
The lubricant has been hailed by tens of thousands of female patients and cannabis consumers alike, as an effective and pleasurable aid in the bedroom.

Patients and consumers have lauded FORIA for enhancing sensation, as well as reportedly facilitating longer and stronger — and even multiple — orgasms. Talk about sexual health and wellness!

“FORIA’s innovative approach to sexual wellness continues to be inspired by a longstanding global demand for more options to address women’s sexual health needs,” the company announced in a prepared statement.
FORIA sex lubricant is, according to the company, “Hand-crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant — one of the oldest known plant aphrodisiacs and analgesics in the world — using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity.”

FORIA Pleasure is made of liquid coconut oil infused with lab-tested cannabis oil. It “harnesses the complex powers of marijuana to promote relaxation and increase blood flow thereby creating a potent ‘therapeutic aphrodisiac’,” the company tells us.

“For some women, it may awaken arousal and heighten sensation making orgasms more intense, fuller or easier to access,” according to the company. “For others, it can help promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension and create the relaxation necessary for sensual experience or restorative rest.”

Canopy Growth Corporation is the big-bucks Canadian cannabis company leading the country’s latest marijuana initiatives. CGC was founded in 2014, as a matter of fact, around the same time as FORIA.

CGC will be making the FORIA Pleasure product accessible to Canada’s 40,000+ patient community with nationwide recreational cannabis use coming to Canada in Spring 2017. This new venture places FORIA amongst a select group of cannabis brands to have gone international.

The agreement with CGC marks FORIA’s first international licensing agreement, and expands access to the sex lubricant and other FORIA products to the Great White North. This means FORIA is now expanding far beyond its current availability in the adult-use and medical marijuana markets in Colorado, and the California medicinal cannabis market.

“FORIA is most excited to enter Canada’s 40,000+ patient community to offer natural relief to those living with the burden of sexual challenges or blockages, and to aid people in experiencing a deeper sense of intimate pleasure,” the company announced. “FORIA commends CGC for their work in establishing operations in Canada as well as their prospective expansion into other countries throughout the world.”

The press release concludes with a bit of a teaser; hey, are we getting fore-played here? “Both parties have confidence that this relationship has the potential to extend to other international markets over time,” the announcement reads.

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