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By Donna Lambert

I believe that human beings should have more rights than corporations.

The current direction of the marijuana movement is corruption and greed.

Create a two-tiered restrictive permitting pot monopoly that creates criminals out of everybody except a very small group of politically connected insiders who are able to pay off politicians to write up restrictive legislation that creates criminals out of almost every single human being except themselves.

Keep the artificially high prices of Prohibition for this select small group of corrupt, greedy self-interested people.

Donna Lambert, Freedom Fighter 420: "Legalizing marijuana could seriously hamper pharmaceutical corporate profits."
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Donna Lambert, Freedom Fighter 420:
“Legalizing marijuana could seriously hamper pharmaceutical corporate profits.”

Because cannabis is a very easy to grow plant and if you grow it yourself the “restrictive permitting pot monopoly people” have to lower their prices to compete with you.

So their goal is to make you a criminal to eliminate competition and keep prices artificially high.


By passing legislation that makes every single other person except them a criminal.

They are eliminating having to compete with you by making it a crime for you to CULTIVATE your own marijuana!

The same people who have made millions by bribing politicians and cops in California have now spent some of those millions to shut down almost a thousand medical marijuana stores in Washington State by paying off politicians to have a fake lottery. In this lottery, they themselves, and the people who allegedly paid a quarter million dollars to bribe politicians to get permits, now banded together and actually passed more legislation to eliminate competition from the medical marijuana stores and even the home grows.

Please understand that these are the people who are pretending to be on the side of the marijuana movement — they’re calling themselves “leaders” of the marijuana movement and they are selling you out.

This is self righteous greed at its worst.

If you think these issues need to come out and be mainstream within the marijuana movement and the general public — and if you believe that freedom and legalization means that you have the right to grow your own cannabis — please share this article so that we can organize in California.

In 2016 we in California are not only going to have to fight the pharmaceutical companies and the alcohol companies … we are actually going to have to be fighting for our freedom to even cultivate, as those who have made millions off the medical marijuana movement are now going to actively try to overturn Prop 215 and eliminate home cultivation so that they can keep high profits for themselves.

I believe that the purpose of a social movement is to create a better world for all people. I believe that we are connected. We all deserve the same rights. We certainly all deserve the human right to grow a safe non-toxic plant and decide what amount we need and how we want to grow it.

Marijuana is nature’s miracle plant and literally can replace probably half of the medicines we commonly use. Marijuana is also a spiritual plant and great for meditation. No government or mafia figure or corrupt cop or corrupt officials should be telling me what to grow or what to put in my body.

If you believe that freedom means that you should be able to decide to use a healing plant — and what amount you need to go into your body, and whether you want to grow it yourself without pesticides — and if you understand what I’m saying, please share this article and let’s get this issue front and center in the marijuana activism Movement.

Editor’s note: San Diego activist Donna Lambert wrote this article.


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