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Some cops in Tennessee seem to really need a lesson in basic botany.

A 65-year-old woman was recently harassed by police after coming under suspicion, she reported, for having a Buckeye leaf decal on her car, reports Joe Blundo at The Columbus DispatchThe hick-ass cops claimed they thought it was a marijuana leaf.

“It’s just amazing they would be that dumb,” said Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni.

A lifelong Buckeyes fan, Jonas-Boggioni lives in Plano, Texas, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. She has served as president of the Ohio State Alumni Club in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Bonnie and her husband Guido Boggioni, 66, were driving home to Plano on February 4 after a trip to Columbus to attend the funeral of his mother, Eleanor, 92. They were on I-40 westbound, a few miles east of Memphis, when a black police SUV bluelighted them, according to Jonas-Boggioni. A second black police SUV pulled up minutes later behind the first one.

“Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” she said.

Two officers approached the vehicle, one from each side. “They were very serious,” Jonas-Boggioni said. “They had the body armor and the guns.”

The couple’s two schnauzers were barking loudly at the cops, so one of them had Jonas-Boggioni exit the vehicle so he could hear her better.

“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” the clueless cop asked her.

She patiently tried to explain to the mental midget that the sticker was actually a Buckeye decal, just like the ones Ohio State players get to put on their football helmets for making big plays. It was too much for the rube cop to process.

“He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language,” Jonas-Boggioni said.

The officer lamely tried to explain that “someone from outside his jurisdiction” — apparently, another police officer — had seen the leaf sticker, and the nosy son of a bitch thought it might indicate the car was carrying weed.

She said she was too upset to even notice which police department the officers were from.

Neither the Tennessee Highway Patrol nor the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department in Memphis admitted to being responsible for the botched traffic stop.

A marijuana sticker would not be enough reason to pull over a vehicle, claimed a spokeswoman for the West Tennessee Drug Task Force. (Does that stop them from doing exactly that, all the time, then lying about it? No, of course it doesn’t.)

Even if having a marijuana sticker were probable cause to stop a car, police should know that a Buckeye leaf is not a cannabis leaf, Jonas-Boggioni said.

The officers actually told her she should remove the sticker from her car before allowing her to go on her way, she said.

“I said, ‘You mean in Tennessee?’ and he said, ‘No, permanently.’ I didn’t take it off,” Jonas-Boggioni said. “This little old lady is no drug dealer.”



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