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With the recent wild popularity of vape pens — a convenient, discreet, relatively odor-free way for cannabis patients to medicate in situations where that might otherwise be impossible — cartridges which are pre-filled with cannabis concentrates are becoming a common fixture in many dispensaries.

A couple of years ago, when vape pens first started becoming more prevalent in the cannabis community, most of the models I tried were somewhat frustrating. The problem was, I couldn’t get the damned things to give me a big enough hit.

Understand, I speak as an old-school joint roller; I’ve been smoking weed since 1977, and I have little patience with any device which metes out a miserly measure of marijuana — smoke, vapor, or otherwise. No, screw that noise: I want big hits.

The current generation of vape pens is finally catching up with my needs, as evidenced by models like the Tristick. The reason I mention that particular model is that it’s the one I used to try Dank Tanks‘ extracts, and it works spectacularly well with them.

Dank Tanks are pre-filled liquid cannabis oil tanks with no butane. The hash oil is extracted using a C02 supercritical machine, and the taste is incredible. Hand bottled in Northern California, the ingredients are sourced from Humboldt County’s finest strains.

“MONSTER HITS!” Dank Tank proclaims on their packaging. “Now they’re talking,” I thought as I opened my Dank Tank. Turns out they were telling the truth.

Even with my elevated tolerance, one hit from a Dank Tank through my Tristick vape pen is discernible. Three or four hits get me suitably medicated.

I tried my Tristick vape pen with other brands of pre-filled oil cartridges, and the hits produced weren’t as big, or as satisfying, as the hits produced with the Dank Tank. Neither did they taste as delicious.

The oil used is an indica-dominant blend of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, according to Dank Tanks. The tanks have a 510 thread, making them compatible with 95 percent of the vaporizer and e-cigarette batteries on the market.

All Dank Tanks come pre-filled in CE4 tanks for optimum discretion and ease of use. Each Dank Tank comes with two grams of premium cannabis blend, and, according to the company, lasts about 150 to 200 hits (I’ve been hitting this one for a week now and there’s still a good bit left).

Dank Tanks’ bottling facilities are equipped with a stainless-steel environment, sterilized to safeguard health, maximize shelf life and guarantee freshness, according to the company.

It “Tastes Like A Dab!” according to Dank Tanks’ promotional literature, and yes, as a matter of fact, it rather does. This is a premium, gratifying flavor-rich experience for patients who want to medicate on the go, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

It’s as easy as screwing a Dank Tank on to your favorite vaporizer pen or e-cigarette batteries; you’re ready to medicate. “Simply Screw On The Tank And Hit The Dank!”

“We just opened production facilities in Washington State and Colorado to serve the dispensaries and delivery services in those states,” Dank Tanks representative Scott Lindahl told me. “In California we have collectives and dispensaries who carry DankTanks in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.”

The Natural Way in L.A. sells them for $70 and so does Hollywood Delivery. Dank Tanks are also listed for $70 at Maranda’s in Vancouver, Washington, according to WeedMaps.

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