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Let’s face it. If you use the federal Drug Enforcement Administration for “accurate” information about cannabis, you’re fucked from the get-go.

Another clear example of this rock-solid truth occurred on Wednesday as the DEA whined that marijuana legalization — approved by voters in Colorado and Washington last November — would “increase marijuana’s availability and promote drug use.”

Of course, with the gargantuan conflict of interest inherent when any well-funded federal bureaucrat/drug warrior justifies his or her own existence, the DEA doesn’t exactly have a lot of credibility when it comes to pot; they have a lot of financial skin in the game.

“Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased,” the DEA dimly noted in a financial statement for fiscal year 2012, made public on Wednesday. “Legalizing marijuana would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of drug use.”

I’m not entirely sure in which modern American society these hidebound, clueless goons have been living, but you only have to look around you in order to confirm that acceptance of, and access to, marijuana is at an all-time, well, high. As far as “promotion and acceptance,” that horse left the bar several decades ago. Societies change; mores evolve. And there’s not shit the DEA (or anybody else) can do about that.

The federal Department of Justice is currently formulating a response to legalization in Washington and Colorado, reports Ryan J. Reilly at The Huffington Post. Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske — forbidden by law to advocate pot legalization — has even gone so far as to acknowledge that the U.S. “is in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana.”

Never mind that the preternaturally oblivious Drug Czar has notably refused to take part in that “serious conversation,” apparently preferring instead to mouth meaningless platitudes on the dead stage of the Drug War even as it spectacularly collapses around him. Still, the take-home is that even ol’ Gil can no longer deny the conversation is taking place.

President Barack Obama, for his part, has claimed recreational cannabis users in Colorado and Washington would “not be a priority” for federal drug enforcement efforts. But, then again, lots of medical marijuana patients and providers, including Chris Williams and Aaron Sandusky, could tell you some very revealing things about “federal enforcement priorities,” as they face extended prison sentences.



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