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I haven’t been able to write for a while. I am horrified and broken by what has happened to America. I repeatedly hear people say: “People have always been brutal and insane, the internet just shows it more clearly.” That statement is only partially correct. People have always participated in acts of brutality due to insanity but this is the first time in human history that what we have created as a nation has deteriorated so rapidly due to those acts.

In 237 years Americans have almost completely destroyed what took global citizens billions of years to create. What has changed? The global widespread use of chemical medications distributed to keep citizens compliant and unresisting.

What else could account for what is happening in this world? Psychiatric medications were dispensed in a variety of forms in America since the 1950s. The medicines were created to treat veterans of World War II cope with the traumas of war while housed in the newly-created nationwide psychiatric institutions. These medicines accidentally ended up in the water supply due to the corrupt corporate CEOs who felt like they needed offshore bank accounts more than they needed to protect public safety.

There are now so many chemicals in the nation’s water supplies that they are showing up in the sperm and ova of newborns. They are sterile or hormonally atypical by the time they reach high school while research reports concerning the benefits of mmj were blocked at every opportunity.

The news is spewing non-stop accounts of gruesome, horrific acts of rape, murder, abuse, theft, and malice. End of the world preparatory groups are getting rich selling underground bunker supplies while making sure to repeat one important message: make sure to keep an adequate supply of chemical medicines available in case of emergency.

People in America are murdering friends and family members in record numbers while using psychiatric medications as third-world countries are healing the very worst of their criminal offenders via the use of cannabis.

In the past if citizens did not like the medicine presented to them they could freely use herbal remedies grown in their yards. Now the government dictates, by penalty of law, how citizens can heal themselves and their loved ones. Then it socially and economically penalizes citizens for getting sick from their mandated treatments.

The government, and all of its affiliated entities, cannot even exist without the tax contributions of American citizens.

During the decades of ecological stability and agriculturally-based economic dominance with farming used as the foundation of the American economy, human beings grew and flourished at unprecedented rates. Hemp was the crop that dominated during these times.

In the 1960s things began to change. Chemicals flooded the global markets in the forms of advanced medicines, genetically modified crops, chemically-created convenience foods, cosmetics, and plastic packaging products.

While citizens frantically chased the American dream these various chemicals built up in our endocrine and immune systems. Our kids displayed elevated rates of allergy and birth defects. Our elders became senile in record numbers.

Adults in the prime of their lives can no longer conceive children due to rampant sterility. Doctors are recording unprecedented instances of attention deficit disorders, complete inability to control impulses, expressions of homicidal rage, suicidal ideation, lack of empathy, and extreme displays of apathy and delusional thinking. These issues happened due to malformation or erosion of brain tissue because of nonstop chemical dermal exposure to, and ingestion of, various low-level toxins.

When I was a child if a house in the neighborhood burned down everyone left work to make sure the family had everything they needed. Now people don’t even call the police while people are raped, kidnapped, and murdered in broad daylight.

This is what is happening all over the world right now:

Our water has been so violently poisoned by lax government oversights that an unheard of number of fish kills are being recorded in research facilities all over the country.

Our vegetable crops and farm animals have been poisoned and rendered inedible due to greed and cronyism.

Our air has been rendered hazardous to public health due to overconsumption of chemical aerosol products.

Our soil has been rendered virtually useless due to repeated acts of scientific experimentation and modification.

For the first time in recorded history we cannot return to the land to obtain vegetables to survive as eating them ensures chromosomal damage. We can’t return to the sea because the sea life is inedible and detrimental to human health.

Our job owners give too little, our tax lords take too much. Human citizen rights have been stripped bare. American citizens have turned into disastrous examples of waste and gluttony. Ethical, logical and morally-based social actions have disappeared.  Addictions to media-based stimulants keep people distracted and confused.

The government has used this perfect storm of chaos to bring the citizens to their knees. America seems to be hanging on and slipping fast.

Why don’t the citizens just let go? Why don’t we just stop supporting the current big businesses and politicians on the city, state, and federal levels entirely?

The big corporations, banks, and politicians need citizen tax contributions to survive. It’s time to pull the plug and end corporate and government systems of welfare. Growing hemp and using medical marijuana would all but eliminate the need for government and big business in their current forms.

Americans dutifully supported a power structure that refused to support us no matter what we sacrificed. We gave up our educational prowess, skilled laborers, dominance as agricultural exporter, and status as a diplomatic superpower. Our loved ones died in endless wars funded by citizen tax dollars.

Americans have broken every existing moral and ethical tenet in countries all over the globe. We are respected by no one and have no appreciable legacy to leave our children.

The situation can be changed with the full legalization of medical marijuana and everyone knows it.

The President and his workers, including the Supreme Court, Justices, Representatives, Senators, and workers on the city, state, and federal levels make up about one percent of the American population. The rich corporate entities make up another one percent.

That means the citizens outnumber the rule-makers.

Citizens are constantly threatened with military and police action if we don’t comply. What resources will the government have if we stop showing up for work and paying their bills?

People often feel overwhelmed when crises occur on such regular and monumental levels. The first thing do in such situations is: Slow down and get together to sort out how to properly correct the troubles in your towns.

Politicians scream that if the citizens stop supporting them American life will end as we know it. It already has, so we might as well get on the right track and start rebuilding.

There are two words that strike heart into to every big businessman, banker, and politician in the world. Those two words are: barter and boycott.

Creating barter laws on the city, state, and federal levels eliminates the need for large-scale government intervention. They allow you to more widely utilize skills and resources.

Boycotting big businesses in favor of providing predominant support to local vendors puts fiscal responsibility back in the hands of the citizens.

Growing hemp and using marijuana for health is the way back to civil self-sufficiency.

Start your own boycott today and share your methods with others.

You can fight back by:

• Reading about the famous boycotts that reshaped American history

• Starting community gardens

• Volunteering

• Starting barter trusts

• Starting intentional communities

• Homeschooling

• Creating peace forces

• Participate in apprenticeship programs

• Supporting farming and vocational training programs

• Starting community lending agencies and credit unions

• Making organic agriculture a neighborhood priority

• Setting new term limits for all city and state officials by way of special election

• Boycotting slaughterhouses and large dairy farms in favor of local butchers

• Walking away from any business that has less than 80 percent local vendor stocked inventory

• Instituting mandatory neighborhood watch

• Bartering consulting services

• Banning all psychiatric medicines in favor of homeopathic remedies

• Luxury taxing all GMO-related products

• Banning all non-organic cosmetics

• Rejecting any company that uses slave labor

• Turn off cable channels and mass-media websites in favor of local radio and TV channels and independent websites

• Bartering neighborhood-wide first aid, gardening, and self-defense classes

Let the system crash and burn, then band together to rewrite the Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to properly support our citizens. We did it in 1776 and we can do it in 2013.

Declare your independence from the businesses, bankers, and politicians: legalize marijuana and hemp in every American state in the union. 



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