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People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. ~ Vince Lombardi

By Miguel AKA Miggy420

When it comes to marijuana prosecution there is no justice. Witness the case of Lance Gloor, a man accused of running multiple medical marijuana dispensaries, whose only crime was being a part of four well-established and safe shops (Seattle Cross, Tacoma Cross, Lacey Cross, and Key Peninsula Cross).

Gloor stands alone against the federal government after a string of raids that occurred in Washington State in 2011 and again in 2013. Alone he stands with former partners, employees, and friends turning into key witnesses against him in order to receive a more lenient deal.

Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi [KUOW]
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Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi

Federal prosecutor Vince Lombardi is the grandson of Vince Lombardi of the same name and football fame, but unlike his grandfather has taken the easy battle when it comes to the fight for justice. In a series of prosecutions he has recently given the marijuana related defendants chances to plea. If the “crimes” committed by a person under the marijuana federal statues are worth imprisoning a person for, why grant them an easy way out which will undoubtedly be another notch in your prosecutorial belt either way?

On December 4, Lance Gloor goes to dismissal hearing in front of the Honorable Judge Leighton based on entrapment and selective prosecution. Out of 15 raids, the four conducted that are associated with the defendant are the only ones being prosecuted, when Lance’s only crime was being in accordance with the state guidelines and able to provide safe access to patients and growers. Lest we forget, Section 538 of the Congressional Directive prohibits the Department of Justice from using federal funds to interfere with the states right to implement its own laws in regards to the possession and/or cultivation of marijuana.

Lance has been subject to living guilty since he turned himself over in March of 2014. Before any trial, before any judgment, he has been subjected to 18 days in Seatac Federal Prison, then put on house arrest where there is no freedom along with mandatory urine analysis.

He presently faces up to 35 years in the Federal prison system which could be and has been a death sentence for many. Lance has turned down 4 plea deals for one reason, he is not guilty.

He is not guilty morally; marijuana is not the drug they teach in DARE events. He is not guilty fiscally; taxes were paid and business licenses were purchased. He is not guilty criminally; there is no victim, how can there be a crime?

If a dismissal is not found on December 4, Lance will be going to trial January 7, and it is then he needs anyone that believes that no one should go to jail for a plant to stand up. This is especially true in a state that has had medical marijuana since 1998, recreational since 2014, and a little event called Seattle Hempfest since 1994.

Lance Gloor is being persecuted and in turn prosecuted for how he chooses to make a living. As people wonder why we have social unrest I would like to point out the injustice being performed in the name of an archaic racist law based off of no science, only conjecture. Going after people involved in any form of marijuana is the only crime here. Disrupting a man’s life, turning friends upon friends, stealing youthful time, these are the real crimes and they are being committed by my government.

Please take the time and follow-up on Mr. Gloor’s case, if this goes to trial he will need your help: Your help to spread awareness about his case; your help to spread the word on jury nullification; your help so he doesn’t turn into another man in a system turning innocent young men into forgotten old ones.

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