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Editor’s note: In the interests of entertaining you and of provoking a discussion, please enjoy “420 Part Two: Ennuied,” brought to you courtesy of cartoonist Greg Farrell.

In “420,” Farrell creates an autobiographic comic detailing his life on weed. Greg did Part 1 of “420” for Toke of the Town while I was still editor there, back in January.

What is the place of marijuana in your life? Do you have conflicted feelings about using it?

Do I personally feel any guilt over my cannabis use? None whatsoever. Do I feel that it limits my life in any way? Nay; I feel my life is enriched and enlarged by it, especially given that it provides a non-toxic way of dealing with the chronic pain associated with my medical challenges.

Farrell is the author of Attaboy, a 350-page comic about a family, and coeditor of Strandzig.

You can read Greg’s blog at

~ Steve Elliott

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toke signals logo - two crossed smoking joints with a cannabis leaf above

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