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“I need help, please. There’s a police officer chasing me.”

A Florida man called the cops to report the cops were chasing him on Tuesday morning, after officers smelled marijuana in his vehicle. The man asked the 9-1-1 operator for Donald Trump.

It all started, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, when Aric Frydberg started acting suspiciously. A deputy went up to Frydberg’s car and smelled what he believed to be marijuana, reports Michael Cadigan at ABC Action News

The deputy then spotted a baggie containing a green leafy substance. According to a probable cause statement obtained by the New York Daily Newswhen the office reached for the baggie, Frydberg hit his arm and quickly stuffed the baggie into his mouth, turned the car on and took off, calling 911 shortly thereafter.

“I need help, please,” Frydberg said after calling 9-1-1. “There’s a police officer chasing me.”

The operator tried numerous times to get Frydberg to pull over. He was arrested after a seven-mile high speed chase on U.S. Highway 41.

“This is a legit police officer trying to pull you over,” the operator can be heard telling Frydberg in a tape obtained by WFTX.

During the phone call, Frydberg tried to get the operator to make some calls for him. The first call requests were for his mother.

“Call my mom, call my mom!” he said. “Please call my mom,” he added.

Then the man decided to appeal to a higher power, and asked to speak to the President.

“Donald Trump is a close friend of mine,” he claimed. “We made a deal,” he added, while trying to convince the operator to call Trump.

Frydberg then tried yet another strategy.

“My mom called me and said she was in a car accident in Homestead,” he claimed. “My flesh and blood was in a car accident and I have to stop and help you,” he dramatically added.

Deputies finally got him off the road and the phone. They searched Frydberg’s car and found glass pipes, with “burnt leafy residue” inside them. The particles field tested positive for marijuana, according to the officers.

Frydberg, 33, lives in Hollywood, Fla., according to Collier County Jail records. He now faces charges of tampering with evidence, resisting an officer, and two counts of battery of an officer. He remains in jail under a $99,500 bond.

His mugshot shows several wounds on his face; so far, officers aren’t talking about how Frydberg received them.

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