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The cannabis community was set back on its heels Tuesday when Mike Hyde, father of Cash Hyde, who died of cancer at age 4 last November, alleged on Facebook that the Cash Hyde Foundation had been defrauded by former Montana-based activist Hiedi Handford, reportedly currently living in Florida.

Mike Hyde posted the following status update on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon:

Handford responded on Wednesday morning with a blog post of her own:

I learned a lesson — ALWAYS get a contract!

No matter WHO they are – or how good intentioned the project.

This morning I woke up to this some pretty serious allegations.

First and foremost – I would like to state – in no way, shape, or form was the Cash Hyde Foundation scammed or ripped off.

In any manner.

I was saddened to see Mike Hydes accusations this morning. I understand they were born from his grief and suffering at losing Cashy.

As Mike mentioned, I am not funded for the work I do on behalf of patients in Montana and across the country. The incident in question, the fall 2012 Indigogo fundraiser, was a $5500 online fundraising campaign for the Foundation. The $5500 goal included a $1500 reimbursement to me for money I had already spent working on behalf of Cashy and the Foundation. The fundraiser netted 1325.00 which I kept as reimbursement for my expenses. Mike and the Foundation Director know this to be true. We had made arrangements well in advance of the fundraiser, and my work efforts. We had a verbal contract.

Re: the e-mail account, of which I am not the only person using Cashy’s name in a free e-mail account out here –

“Checking out for awhile,” Handford messaged us Wednesday morning. “That hurt. Cashy meant so much to me.

“I may consider checking out of this entire movement,” she told us. “Compassion? One Love? Figments of imagination.”

Toke Signals has been friends with both Mike Hyde and with Hiedi Handford; it saddens us greatly to see these kinds of allegations tear the community apart. We hope this matter is resolved in a way that is acceptable to everyone.

Personally, I find myself wishing this could have been handled between the parties involved rather than in public, through social media, but then again, Facebook seems to be quickly becoming the default place to air dirty laundry and grievances, for better or for worse.

If anything wrong was done, we heartily condemn it. In the meantime, a lynch mob, rush-to-judgment mentality serves no one, and we should wait for all the facts to come in.

Beyond that, regardless of the particulars in this case, the larger mission — that of educating the public to the health benefits and medicinal properties of the cannabis plant — remains, and shall remain, unchanged.

Let’s keep our eyes on the goal, endeavoring to treat one another ethically, and keep moving forward.


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