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Two friends were talking over beers one day about what it would be like to smoke out of a block of ice. The idea sounded great, but it seemed like a lot of work to get a block of ice and drill holes through it just for a new smoking experience. It had to be easier than that!

The the light went on.

“What if we could make a mold that would allow anyone to make one very easily,” our high heroes contemplated. “All you would have to do is pour water into it, freeze it, remove it, and enjoy it.”

The Frost Pipe is an ice mold that allows you to freeze and create a functional pipe — yeah, dude, like you smoke weed with — made completely out of ice.

What’s going on? How long ’til you can buy one of these bad boys? The inventors have developed a working prototype and now are looking to the community to help crowd fund their first run of production.

According to the developers, contributors will get the product before anyone else. See video here:


toke signals logo - two crossed smoking joints with a cannabis leaf above

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