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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

Today Lance Gloor was found guilty of manufacturing and distributing marijuana. This story was supposed to have a happy ending, but instead we live in America, where you can be guilty of a crime with no victim.

A country where you can’t treat your body the way you want, especially of you’re a woman. I guess I was expecting too much, since we live in a world where the law just figured out we can’t tell people how to love and legalized gay marriage or as I like to call all of it, marriage.

This story isn’t the American Horror Story it could’ve been, but it has turned into a dark comedy that isn’t over yet.

What they neglected to add to that sentence was “in Washington State while following state-given guidelines, the same guidelines under which every present dispensary has been operating.” Lance was found not guilty of money laundering and use of firearm for drug trafficking because they simply were not true, something an overzealous prosecuting attorney with a personal agenda added.

This was not the first time Vince Lombardi — not the great one but the soulless machine willing to put a man away for pot — and Lance crossed paths, but this was the first time there was a conviction. I’ll say over and over that Lance’s past doesn’t matter because this trial was solely about marijuana but apparently the prosecution doesn’t have to be so impartial.

I am not in the industry; I’m just a pissed off American,but for those of you in the industry that don’t care about the fate of this man or are willing to let a person go to jail for weed without speaking up, you are just in “it for me,” which is fine, just don’t call foul or ask for help when it’s you on the other side, because that is how it is, how we prove our worth.

I’m just an unpaid writer that believes in weed and wants to share a story, this is just part of a greater story for me, but you all are a bunch of dumb fuckers, this case — every case — is important, but this one especially should grab your attention. The fact that the words “medical marijuana” were used in a federal court means you can, too.

We don’t have to prove it is medicine; the burden of proof lies on the government. From now on every future medical marijuana raid and case will refer to Gloor vs The United States Government for operating a medical marijuana store in a state that eventually added recreational to its state law.

I feel like I have to address the community as a disappointed pissed off father as in Aesop’s Fable of The Bundle Of Sticks. Let’s be clear here, you are the sticks.

Freedom figher Kristin Flor [Kristin Flor/Facebook]
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Freedom figher Kristin Flor
[Kristin Flor/Facebook]

As you decide to run and operate under the thought you are legal, then your competition is not your enemy but your friend, until no one can go to jail and everyone else gets out of jail. You guys need to stand together no matter what, and if you can’t figure it out you should elect a champion and for that I nominate Kristin Flor.

In this thing called activism there are many groups and people. Some are nice, some are not. Some are in it to be pot stars, others just to see justice and those are the ones I like, the ones that exist for the idea, for the belief and that’s Kristin, not in it for the greed.

Her new project is Voices Of The Cannabis War (V.O.W) and it’s her work that has helped many people from Lance Gloor to Joy Graves, because unless someone outside steps up, you’re gonna have to look in the mirror and wonder who stands for you.

I am not a reporter, just a guy that loves weed, a hippie that likes showers and guns, but Lance could’ve been, could be, me — in the eyes of the law.

I will continue to fill you in on the continuing saga of Lance Gloor; sentencing will be April 15. Until then, look for my monthly contribution to “The Voices Of The Cannabis War” monthly articles in Vegas Cannabis and The NorthWest Leaf.

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