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Prosecution of any marijuana “crime” is an abuse of justice and a waste of taxpayer dollars and time. This thing that is a revolving money machine for the government is also a financial burden and a cancer to the people… and the people want change when it comes to the laws concerning marijuana and that law means no jail for being associated for a plant.

Prosecute somebody for stealing electricity or growing on Federal lands, but honest people want to make an honest living — and people involved with marijuana have done that while being viewed as criminals by their own government.

Lance Gloor’s trial is over… or, as I see it, we’re in the calm after the storm. Sentencing is three months after the verdict. Three months after being shackled to an ankle bracelet, restricted to his home. Not allowed a beer, because his new jewelry can detect that; not allowed pot due to urinalysis, not allowed to self-medicate for fun like a million other Americans do and have done because he believed he was doing the right thing by the state law; he sought help to be within the law.

The government  has created the perfect criminal through the use of Nazi-esque propaganda by controlling the information. Why not just present the legal documents for our own interpretation, instead of giving us yours?

I am not a reporter. I am a writer who is able to use the truth in favor of his cause, but more importantly, I’m just another pissed-off American. However, unlike taking over a bird sanctuary I choose to make an actual difference. I love my country, but fear my government; I am not the enemy.

If you click on this link ( you will see the document I’m addressing.

The following is their context… and how I see the situation.

The article starts with a lie, “falsely claimed was a ‘medical marijuana’ dispensary consistent with state law,” wrong. He was doing what every medical dispensary was doing. The law itself is vague, so people sought legal consultation before doing business. There’s a process dispensaries have been practicing in accordance with legal concession but state law doesn’t matter in Federal Court, unfortunately.

The jury deliberated 4 hours before finding.” I understand this is not a news article, but I would hope my government would stick the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth, so help you your favorite imaginary character.

Let me explain. After both sides had their closing arguments, the jury convened for four hours, that day. The government leaves imagery that this was open and shut; this wasn’t. The following day during the jury deliberation a juror had an attack that she had treated with medical marijuana — but because she wasn’t allowed to take her medicine on Federal land, she had an attack. This of course ended the day short and an alternate juror was used.

The following day being before a three-day weekend it was suspected to go until over the holiday weekend but a decision was made that evening of guilty on some but not others in the eyes of 12 people given the option to only address the Federal rules, not the moral or state.

“Guilty of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, and manufacturing marijuana.” The conspiracy here is owning/or running physical storefronts, conspiracy to make a living off of marijuana by running a store, not the Al Capone thing they want you to believe. Lance is not a Mafioso; he’s the little brother who likes to go to the clubs wearing blazers that don’t fit perfectly while wearing jewelry, not a crime boss.

“According to records filed in the case and testimony at trial” This one in particular pisses me off. Why not just present the court documents, instead of giving me your filler? You are the government, you have the information, why is it asking too much just to present the transcripts?

In the fall of 2010, local law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at GLOOR’s home where they discovered more than 70 marijuana plants and a firearm.” This Federal Case is based on state interactions, states evidence and manpower. This same evidence of a grow could be anyone past or presently involved in the Washington State marijuana market. This case should have never gone as far as it has. You proved he’s done business like everyone else, Vince Lombardi (the Not Great One).

“Claimed to be medical marijuana ‘non-profit dispensaries’ operating under state law, when in fact they were for profit businesses generating millions of dollars in gross revenues totally inconsistent with applicable state requirements” They didn’t claim, they were! (Drops mic, boom goes the dynamite).

The case was investigated by the Thurston Narcotic Task Force (TNT) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).” With recreational legalization in four states and our nation’s capital, medical in 23 and growing because it is medicine and the safer choice when it comes to anything concerning recreational use by adults, you would think these agencies would have higher priorities like real crime, i.e. meth and heroin. These are the drugs that hurt our society and put us in precarious situations as does tobacco and alcohol. Bet a tobacco smoker they can’t go without for a month, and we all know the quality of person we become under the influence of booze.

The fact that the government has a website that “describes” cases bothers me; it leaves too much room for (mis)interpretation when it comes to judgement. Lance Gloor and many like him — many like me — are not guilty, because there is no crime.

These raids — these investigations — are a waste of government time and money — your time and money — our time and money.

 Editor’s note: Please sign this MoveOn petition to Free Lance Gloor!

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