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For many decades now, cannabis has been put in a bad light.

It has been demonized by corporations and law enforcement authorities, and was deemed to have no benefit whatsoever to society. This eventually led it to its criminalization. But as information became more readily available, people are starting to be educated on marijuana and its beneficial properties.

This has caused its legalization to be a frequent topic of debate amongst various governments all throughout the world. And while cannabis legalization was once seen as a pipe dream — a long shot at best — the tide of the debate has turned.

This infographic made by Testclear aims to enlighten readers on the benefits of cannabis legalization. It takes into account the states that have undergone its legalization and presents the advantages they have gained for having done so. It also shares the legitimate medical effects of marijuana when used as a treatment for migraines, seizures, and reducing anxiety.

The infographic shows that, when properly regulated, legalizing marijuana is likely to boost the economy as it becomes taxed and creates jobs revolving around distributing, cultivating and marketing the product.

This, in turn, will cause a huge dent in the international drug trade as cannabis is the biggest substance illegally sold by cartels. It is important that people are aware of both the obstacles to cannabis legalization, and the benefits of marijuana.

Since cannabis was the largest cash crop in the U.S. in 2016 — earning more than $26 billion in revenue — it’s high time to come to terms with the fact that this plant is a part of American culture. After all, 33 million Americans admit to having at least tried the stuff, and 60 percent support making it legal. Weed really has been part of the USA, from the beginning; hemp has roots that go back to the original colonists.

Spreading knowledge on the subject can lead to a better informed and progressive global community.

Legalization Infographic: Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In The US
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