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Candace Junkin, recently departed assistant executive director at Moms For Marijuana [Facebook]
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Candace Junkin,
one of the founders of The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition

A brand new women’s organization is taking the cannabis community by storm. Founded on December 5 — which, as it happens, was the 80th anniversary of the repeal of alcohol prohibition — The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition was created with the intent of bringing pro-cannabis women together in an alliance to end cannabis prohibition worldwide, according to the ladies behind it.

Candace Junkin, one of the founders of the IWCC (along with Diane-Marie Jensen and Cheri Shaw), told Toke Signals that the idea came to her when she was reading about U.S. alcohol prohibition in the 1920s and 30s.

“I kept reading over and over again about how women were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition,” Candace told us. “The majority of women in the 1930s were on board with Prohibition, but they soon realized that Prohibition was doing far more harm to their families than alcohol ever did, so they united and they did something about it.”

She realized women could have the same pivotal voice in ending cannabis prohibition and started brainstorming.

“We were already with Moms for Marijuana,” Candace said, “and we were doing great things, but it felt like, a lot of times, we were just preaching to the choir. After our split with Moms, we knew it was time to change our direction a little bit.

“Our hope for The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition is that we will reach ALL women everywhere — even those who don’t use cannabis! — and they will come to realize that the greatest harm associated with cannabis is the prohibition against it,” Candace told us. “Once you realize that, you almost can’t help but do something about it.”

“The war on cannabis is a war on families,” the IWCC’s Facebook page reads. “We as women, wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, the cornerstones of the family unit, are tired of watching our families torn apart, our loved ones die, our children taken, our lives destroyed, over a beneficial and often lifesaving plant.

“We are women whose first concern is our families. We understand that cannabis prohibition harms our families far worse than cannabis itself. We know that the repeal of cannabis prohibition would return the decisions about cannabis to the family, (which is where they belong).”

The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition hit the ground running with 56 chapters in 5 countries, with more in the works and plans to incorporate in both the U.S and Canada.

“But,” says Candace, “we won’t do that unless we can find a qualified and credentialed Financial Director or Accountant to help us.

“We have seen one too many good intentioned organizations go down over misappropriated funds and the like,” Candace said. “We are not going to let the IWCC go through that. So if anyone out there is interested PLEASE get in touch.”


For more info check out the IWCC’s website: (still under construction)

To find a local chapter, check out this list to which you can subscribe:

Or to start one, please email 

Find the IWCC on Facebook here:

and on Twitter here:


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