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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

“Another day, another decision not made, one juror taken out on a gurney, perhaps due to stress of being in control of a man’s life”… Is how is how I shared the news of Day 6 of Lance Gloor’s federal trial.

Today’s plot twist is the kind of shit that you would think a fantasy writer wrote up but the shit I’m about to tell you is 100 percent true — a case involving the prosecution of a man over a plant from an over zealous and boots to fill prosecutor, a case where a man was following the same grey area practices as a hundred other shops and a present state “regulated” recreational market — a case where a man stood before a jury of his peers and one of them benefitted from what this man is accused of being a part of, medical marijuana.

Today on the second day of deliberation a juror, who also is a medical marijuana patient, had a health condition type attack in the Federal Government building and had to be taken out on a gurney because her medicine wasn’t recognized by her government. A woman whose fate it was to decide the fate of a man who helped bring her and many like her holistic medicine that works for them.

Let me reiterate this: A man is on trial for owning multiple dispensaries and being successful. During this trial one of the jurors had an medical attack which is treated with marijuana but because the federal government doesn’t recognize it, she was not allowed to treat herself, thus having an attack during the deliberation.

Here is the post from Lance’s Facebook page:

Trial update – so a juror who has a valid Washington state medical Marijuana card in my federal trial was deliberating this afternoon with the rest of the jury they were over 11hrs into deliberation and the woman had a panic attack from being stressed out because she needed to take her medical Marijuana medicine and since it’s federally illegal but not state legal she couldn’t take her meds cause its a federal crime for her to consume her meds … …the judge had to call the hospital and the parametics had to come and get her and remove her on a gourny and in a ambulance …its being said this is the first time in the history of Washington federal court that this has ever happened ….so now the jury has to completely re start deliberating all over again and they have to add a new juror ….another historic event in my trial. …

It saddens me that they denied this sick women her medical Marijuana edible medicine .

This is another example of why I must be found not guilty and change the laws and help end prohibition ….

Now because of the holiday weekend and a new start to jury deliberating this case will most likely not be decided until at least Tuesday of next week….so the new juror can get caught up and re deliberate the whole case

This is rediculous.

I would like to point out (no offense Lance) that this is a direct quote from his Facebook page… and I ask you, the jury of popular opinion, does this look like the spelling of a mastermind?

According to cannabis chef Cayce Richards, who goes by Aunty Neighbor on Facebook, “This is great news…. not for the lady, but for the other jurors… they now see first hand how important, no… imperative SAFE ACCESS is. I have never heard of a juror making it on the panel when they had such an intimate connection to the situation. Like, ya don’t get to be on a DUI jury if you have a history of DUI… So ODD!! Hang in there kiddo…”

I have to agree.

We are brainwashed that the bad guy is black, brown, or a white redneck; but really a lot of the bad guys wear suits and put you in jail because they don’t agree with your lifestyle. The good news is, the federal government is finding it harder and harder to find people willing to cage a man for a plant.

America is progressing and the point of how important this trial is, is so that the individual has a safer choice of recreational or medicinal use, just like different cases have made strides in the equality of the races, gender, sexuality, things that should have never been an issue like gay marriage, this case is that important to the quality of life of this nation.

Lance Gloor and his supporters at his federal trial [Michael Scott]
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Lance Gloor and his supporters at his federal trial
[Michael Scott]

Video by Michael Scott

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