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Sometimes, you just have to say “That’s Prohibition” and sadly shake your head. A 70-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman have been arrested after a SWAT team raid uncovered a small amount of marijuana in their home in Austin, Texas.

The entire sorry incident began when search warrant for a West Austin home led to marijuana charges for two people, reports A “concerned citizen” (yeah, one of those) made a call to the cops about “narcotics” at a home on Willowbridge Circle, according to Austin Police Department Narcotics Officer Nordstrom.

A search warrant was obtained due to the snitch and the APD SWAT team descended on the home just after 6 a.m. on Thursday, all Rambo’d out in their tactical outfits, feeling tough and significant and maybe, for just a few brief moments, as if their sad pointless lives meant something despite the fact that they have the singular lack of judgment to choose as their vocation a job which involves conducting armed raids on peaceful, elderly people for using a harmless plant.

Four terrified people were inside the home. Two of those people, the 70-year-old male and the 60-year-old female, were charged with marijuana possession and issued citations.

That’s where the story would have ended, in previous years. But that was before the public’s disgust with the rank stupidity of the quixotic War On Marijuana had reached the level of outrage. And that was before the internet allowed immediate public feedback when public employees — for example, the Austin Police Department — does really stupid things.

Yes, that’s where the comment section comes in.

“So pathetic,” offered commenter Paul Saladino of Houston. “Acevedo lies again.” Saladino then shared that Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said, just last September, “You know, what you do in your home and the privacy of your home is great. We could care less, as long as you’re not selling the stuff and growing it for everybody else. Just don’t drive. Don’t drive, that’s all I ask.”

“Assume the opposite of whatever Acevedo says,” Saladino concluded. “Pathological liar.”

Referring to Chief Acevedo’s September 2012 statement, commenter Nate Bright said, “I wonder, could these people get the charges dropped if that recording was submitted as evidence they were given the ‘go ahead’ to use marijuana in their own homes? How does the APD obtain a search warrant based on hearsay from a ‘concerned citizen’?

“This is really how APD is spending, ahem I mean wasting our money?” chimed in Steven Van Orden, a realtor at Pauly Presley Realty in Austin. “Charging the elderly with marijuana possession at 6 a.m. Art Acevedo and the APD should be ashamed of themselves.”

“So, APD needed WAT to give the elderly couple a citation?” commented Tami Conner. “What a bunch of bumbling boobs.”

“Why does [Police Chief Art] Acevedo still have a job?” Richard Boland of Arlington reasonably asked. In response, Lenny Davinici Love linked a petition calling for Chief Acevedo’s firing.

“A judge issued a warrant, mind you, with the probable cause being the mere assumptions of a nosy, snooping, bored housewife,” commented Ted Dannerth, vice president of sales and marketing at Austin-based Barbo. “If this isn’t a sign of the times, then I don’t know what is. Please share this on your walls so people can see that the government is kicking doors down now on a whim.”

“I’m glad they brought out SWAT,” commented Antonio Buehler, CEO at Buehler Education, a homeschooling outfit in Austin. “The coward cops can’t take any chances.”

“Patrol officers can only handle being called “Dude” just so many times before they bust out the deadly force,” previous commenter Boland responded jocularly.

“Great use of our services,” San Chaz of Austin commented sarcastically. “Bet the fine won’t cover the cost of using the SWAT team. Good work, ‘concerned citizen.’ ”

“Oh, my,” photographer “Rough Acres” said. “Notify the FBI, Austin police today caught Public Enemies #1 and #2.”

“The problem is MOSTLY the nosy neighbors, but I’m still going to go ahead and laugh at the cops in their military gear raiding a house full of old people in Tarrytown,” commented Frank Humungus of Austin. “Strap on your M-16, your riot helmet, and your clown shoes, you dorks.”

“Who ever was in charge of this operation ought to pay the cost of this operation out of his next paycheck,” opined Amy Fowler. “It is an outrage that APD wasted taxpayer funded resources in this operation. Why don’t they investigate the crack/hooker hotel on South Congress, instead of someone smoking a joint in his house?”

“Hello, I heard a rumor that the moon is made of Swiss cheese… others say it’s an old moth ball,” commented Timothy Abbott of Austin. “Please spend the tax payers’ money chasing this down.”d

“Add up how much it costs to put a SWAT team on the playing field, again, and send the bill to the neighborhood snitch, too,” Abbott added. “I live in the highest crime area in Austin. We have break-ins daily around here… and you send a WAT team over to bust two old hippies?”

“Sounds like somebody had nothing to do yesterday but tattletale on their neighbors, so that today, two people’s lives could be disrupted,” commented Johnnie Wright Lewis, owner/author/illustrator at The Five Finger Paragraph.

“Another waste of tax dollars on a PLANT,” said Toni Ann Hanskett-Mills. “Ignorance once again shining through.”


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