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A Florida man arrested for trespassing caught some additional charges after he took a briefcase full of cash and marijuana with him to jail.

[B! Mugshots]
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Jeff Pollock told deputies he lived at the apartment — then one of the officers reminded Pollock he’d helped him move out just a few months earlier
[B! Mugshots]

Jeff Pollock, 42, was arrested on Saturday after his ex-girlfriend called the cops and said he refused to leave her home in Marathon, Fla., according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, reports NBC Miami.

The ex-girlfriend told deputies she let Pollock spend the night, but in the morning when she told him to get his sorry ass out, he refused and laughed at her, according to the sheriff’s office.

Pollock told deputies he lived at the apartment, but the officer on duty reminded Jeff that he’d helped him move out of that very place, just a few months earlier.

The ex-girlfriend also had a copy of Pollock’s current lease, proving he lived somewhere else. Dude just really hadn’t thought his story through, man.

Pollock had a previous trespass warning at the same residence, according to deputies.

He was arrested for trespass after warning, but before he was taken from the scene, he told deputies he had a briefcase with cash inside that he wanted to take to jail with him. When a deputy asked Pollock for the code to open the briefcase, he refused to give it to him.

Once Pollock was taken to the Marathon Detention Center, he agreed to give deputies the code, and they opened the briefcase. Inside they found $9,480 in cash and 27 grams of  marijuana, according to the sheriff’s department.

Pollock was charged with possession of marijuana, more than 20 grams; possession and/or use of “drug equipment”; and introduction of marijuana into a detention facility, in addition to the original trespassing charge.

The nine grand in cash was seized for “possible forfeiture.”

Pollock was released on Sunday on $27,000 bond, according to online jail records.


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