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In this infographic, looks at the numbers behind marijuana in America.

While this is a pretty good infographic in the most part, let me hasten to say that the little “Path To Addiction” section in the middle is pure bullshit. Yes, they got about everything else right, but…

Nine percent of marijuana users become addicted? That’s just silly, and it’s straight from the government Drug War disinformation machine, the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

NIDA wouldn’t know the truth if got bitten on the ass by it, and besides it will ONLY fund studies that look for the negative effects of cannabis. Medical marijuana studies need not apply for NIDA funding.

You really wanna know where that bullshit “9 percent” figure comes from?

Forced rehabs, grasshopper.

Almost all those visits to “drug rehabilitation” support groups for marijuana, of all things, are court ordered. Most of the rest of “marijuana rehabs” are forced by misguided parents on unwilling teens.

And guess what? Some folks are making mighty big money on these bogus “marijuana rehab” programs. It’s just another sleazy scam, milking the credulous taxpayers.

This whole “marijuana rehab” charade is absurd. It’s a patent waste of everyone’s time and of the taxpayers’ money, since this entire nonsensical exercise is federally subsidized.

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