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There are six main players in the drama that is Washington State MMJ legalization:

  1. The politicians
  2. The business owners
  3. The medical community
  4. The media
  5. The advocates
  6. The citizens

Let’s start with the politicians:

The good politicians are the ones who listen to their constituents, are immune to flattery and bribes, are educated about the issues they manage, and are trusted by their communities. They are open to discussions about pertinent topics and are open to revisions and amendments of substandard laws.

The bad politicians are those who are getting paid or intimidated by lobbyists, media moguls, entertainment industries, competing pharmaceutical factions, religious leaders, and social heavyweights. Their voting history is consistently anti-citizen. Their willingness to discuss pertinent issues is completely dependent on who is paying or pressuring them.

The ugly politicians are those who have zero morals and regularly manipulate the ethical guidelines of their profession up to and including the point of killing competitors and patients. They deliberately and actively support bankrupting, incarcerating, or executing citizens who consume marijuana, even if they are proven innocent of criminal activity. Their voting histories will vary as they directly support whatever industries that pay them the most per voting season.

What the politicians do directly affects every other aspect of how legalization is implemented in Washington State. The legal loopholes used by the politicians have to be closed entirely at the state and federal levels.

The legal statute that federal law is being used to supersede state law is incorrectly applied in medical marijuana legalization because: The law that holds the higher standard is the law that should be abided by.

Here is one perspective about federal intervention in MMJ legalization:

Now on to the business owners:

The good business owners are those who offer a quality product for a fair price.  They are acutely aware of the needs of their customers and act accordingly at all times. If their customers want retail marijuana they will find a way to make it a win-win for everyone.

The bad business owners are those who for whatever reasons live only for their profits and will abuse their customers in order to achieve their profit margins. They are easily influenced by any faction that offers profit, regardless of the effect on the community. Because they are only into marijuana for profit, they rarely educate themselves and the quality of their marijuana strains will vary with their personal or budgetary issues.

The ugly business owners are those who deliberately use innocent customers to commit their crimes. They have little or no knowledge of marijuana, will sell tainted product, steal from customers, consort with known corrupt politicians, criminal factions in law enforcement, and violent gangs.

What the business owners do directly affects the economic foundation for all citizens in Washington State.

The economic loopholes used to allow for criminal behaviors by businesses towards marijuana consumers have to be closed by Washington State citizens at the city, state, and federal levels.


The medical need for marijuana is what has opened the door to this entire legal debate. In the medical community these are the three major types of MMJ participants:

  1. The good doctors, scientists, and educators who have a genuine desire to heal their patients with medical marijuana. They have done extensive research and cannot get their findings out due to pressure from their competitors in the medical field.  They are not moved by threats of demotion, censure from the medical community, and pay decreases.
  2. The bad doctors, scientists, and educators who are primarily focused on promoting their own careers. They hope to heal patients but most desire prestige and wealth from their achievements. They are highly susceptible to bribes and will alter data and lie to promote their goals. They regularly prescribe additional or unnecessary unsafe medications that lack proper research and quality controls.
  3. The ugly doctors, scientists, and educators who are a credible threat to the health and safety of their patients. They are those obsessed with gaining wealth or fame to the point of randomly reducing quality of patient services, regularly promoting treatments and medicines that cause known harm or death, constantly changing their fees scales to suit their personal needs, taking bribes, and lying about all matters related to their crimes.

What the medical community does directly affects the public health and safety of all citizens in Washington State.

The FDA loopholes used to maintain criminal behaviors by the medical community towards marijuana consumers have to be closed by Washington State citizens at the federal levels.


Medical marijuana consumers have only one way of finding out what is best for them in terms of their MMJ usage habits, and that is the media.

The good members of the media provide clear and balanced depictions of what is going on in the marijuana community, regardless of the nature of the topics. They respect their readers and put quality content ahead of profit-driven filler. They are trusted by their readers and have a strong community base.

The bad members of the media have MMJ content that constantly fluctuates with their personal ideologies, amount of salary paid, and wishes of those who pay them. They are highly susceptible to bribes or special favors from politicians, corporations, entertainers, and personal alliances. Citizens of the community view these types of journalists with caution. Their local community base varies.

The ugly members of the media have MMJ content that is 100 percent directly affected by their personal and monetary issues. No matter what issue is presented, their goals are to get fame and profit. They will outright lie about pertinent details and regularly manipulate statistical data in order to elevate their status in public. They are feared by or dismissive of their local community base.

What the media does directly affects medical marijuana safe access information to the citizens of Washington State.

The journalistic ethical abuses enacted by media regulators to maintain corrupt, self-serving behaviors towards marijuana consumers have to be closed by Washington State citizens at the state and federal levels.


MMJ consumers are directly guided in all of their voting and economic choices by their citizen advocates.

The good MMJ advocates are those who are in constant contact with their citizens. They maintain regular avenues of written and verbal correspondence, respect the power of the voters, and act in accordance to their wishes. They are not subject to public manipulation, bribery, or intimidation efforts. They are well-educated on the topics that affect their citizens and strive for outcomes that benefit all of the citizens.

The bad MMJ advocates are those whose loyalties change with family, friend or business needs. Their interactions are sporadic and generally correspond with fund-raising events and political push times.  They will change their stances on important issues based on the needs of their family needs, business fluctuations, religious leader input, political pressures, or lobbyist perk offers. When the citizens are supporting them with money, favors, or support they can be regularly accessed. If benefits are not forthcoming they become hard to locate for help with the important issues that affect the citizens.

The ugly MMJ advocates are those who are completely self-interested. They have no loyalty to anyone except themselves. They are subject to taking bribes from whoever will offer them, regardless of the criminal activities required of them. They will alter statistical data to gain public support. When caught they will disappear. They are a direct danger to citizen health and safety.

MMJ consumers rely on their advocates to make sure that their voices as voters are properly heard in the political, entertainment, and educational forums.

 MMJ advocate practices directly affect how legalization is implemented in Washington State for the voting citizens who consume MMJ.

The operational standards used by MMJ advocates have to be continuously monitored at the city, state, and federal levels to end economic and political abuses to the citizens.


Proper legalization cannot occur at any level unless there is proper participation by the citizens.

The good citizens are those who are actively engaged in learning about the many issues concerning MMJ regulation and legalization. They make efforts to stay educated about the economic, legal, religious, political and social implications of MMJ legalization for the good of their other citizens. They stay in constant contact with their political officials, advocates, local business people, and doctors to ensure they understand MMJ updates.

The bad citizens are those who engage based upon economic fluctuations family emergencies, and social pressures.  They take the easiest data available to them from whatever sources present themselves and won’t do follow-up research regardless of the problems lack of knowledge will cause for them and their families.

The ugly citizens are apathetic, combative, and dismissive of MMJ legalization efforts. They do not support their fellow citizens for a variety of reasons.  Unhelpful citizens have personal issues that make them ineffective partners in social change. They have personal or business investment issues that make it worth it to them for MMJ laws to fail. They sow discord among friends, coworkers, and neighbors to distract from pressing MMJ legalization issues.

MMJ citizen participation practices directly and primarily affect how legalization is properly implemented on the city, state, and federal levels.


The bottom line is that if the citizens do not get to the table to implement real and positive changes to MMJ legislation, they will ALL ultimately suffer in the economic, political, and medical arenas for years to come.

All Washington citizens must agree to come together to amend or eliminate the city, state, and federal laws that stand in the way of full economic growth, total patient healing, and beneficial political advancements that come from the rapid and proper full legalization of marijuana, medical or otherwise; nothing else will do.

All other actions will delay or defeat MMJ legalization efforts and the citizens will continue to suffer.


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