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Your grandparents grew their own medicine and food. Why? To save money. Now the government says: “You can’t. Use our ‘approved’ meds and foods or have yourselves and families be socially, financially, and criminally prosecuted.”

Excuse me? This is America. This country was founded in the hopes of erasing these kinds of tyrannical behaviors. The stock market crash of 1929 punctuated a nationwide need to maintain home gardens due to government failures.

Right this minute your tax dollars pay the salaries and benefits of every politician, regardless of if they are on the city, state, or federal levels. Your tax dollars are going directly to the purposes of lowering your quality of life.

In the 1950s most foods and herbal medications were grown at home. Doctors were used mainly for critical care issues. Detoxification treatment facilities existed predominantly in the forms of private institutions funded by local charities or as abusive mental patient asylums.

There were no “administrative and maintenance” fees attached to everything citizens consumed. Exorbitant tax rates did not yet exist. Citizens got exactly what they paid for, at the highest possible quality levels, or there were proper resolutions if they didn’t.

Now it seems that many Americans are afraid to even ask to grow their medications… on their own patches of land — land for which they pay taxes annually. The same land shares that space with people who regularly kill their neighbors with cigarette smoke, drunk driving, or random acts of rage due to methamphetamine and psychiatric medication-related issues. Our tax dollars go regularly to supporting these socially destructive neighbors.

So the question is: why aren’t these neighbors supporting us? It has been said that medical marijuana is illegal due to the “potential” harm it causes.  I say “potential” because the government won’t even allow citizens to ask for more funding to enable MMJ research, even though citizens nationwide have begged for it, have said they will pay for it, and repeat that they critically need it.

When did American citizens get to this point? The point of allowing neighbors working as politicians, FDA employees, or city and state government officials to constantly ignore the pleas of their constituents? To allow for in-patient alcohol and psychiatric medication treatment programs to be paid for with billions of citizen-paid tax dollars annually?

This all happens while the politicians say: “Not only will we bill you for the constant dependency treatment issues of your neighbors, we won’t even consider letting you pay for your own chosen, less-expensive, medical treatments.”

It seems that we’re stuck paying for our neighbors and have no choice about where our money goes, or how to best help our families.

Wrong. Growing hemp as a protein ensures that your blood pressure is lower, your immune system is stronger, and your foods contain fewer toxins. The government does not debate this and hemp was a predominant crop in America from 1776 to 1938.

Growing medical marijuana ensures that you have substantially fewer doctor visits due to having a stronger immune system, being in a better frame of mind emotionally, and your food is free of harmful pesticides. MMJ’s benefits have been screamed from rooftops all over the world for decades but the politicians refuse to listen. Medical marijuana and hemp growers SAVE American taxpayers money.

Politicians don’t listen for three main reasons:

1. They personally have big money in the pharmaceutical companies owned by their friends or family members.

2. They use philosophical musings, outdated and falsified medical research statistics, or antiquated religious tenets to make them feel mentally secure about financially harming their neighbors. They do this while simultaneously using their neighbors’ tax dollars to enjoy their own lives.

3. They are exhibiting the profound ignorance that comes with never bothering to read about updated medical research issues.

In other words, politicians are deliberately harassing their patient neighbors (and their families) by ensuring that they, as constituents, fail to have more productive, healthy, and prosperous lives.

It has come to the point when even the voting processes don’t work. The government tells MMJ patients: “Follow the rules and we’ll give you what you need.”

Then you vote for what you need, try to pay for what you need with your taxes, and the elected, tax-paid salaried officials say: “We’ve changed our minds. We don’t have to give you a reason. We’ve changed the rules and you absolutely cannot have what you voted for. We’re also increasing  your taxes, lowering your access to affordable health benefits, removing jobs that can pay for your needs, and STILL making you pay for your alcoholic, opioid-dependent, psychiatric-medication addicted neighbors.”

I don’t think so. Either these politicians start doing their jobs as mandated right this second, or they should be fired en masse. If this cannot happen then much more drastic changes need to be made.

If you pay taxes for everyone else, don’t you think your taxes should be allowed to pay for you and your families? Shouldn’t they come first at some point?

American kids starve in their beds while their elected officials eat heartily, have 100 percent medical coverage, and complete lifetime financial stability — all paid for with the tax dollars provided by the parents of the starving kids.

It is time for everyone to sit down take a very hard look at our city, state, and local governments. It is time for a thorough housecleaning before the next city, state, and local elections.

If citizens can use our tax dollars to for pay the lavish lifestyles of elected officials (and their families), we can also use our tax dollars to hold the special elections necessary to remove all of these bad apples from office and replace them with competent workers.

Medical marijuana and hemp are nature-given plants. To this day, with all of our “advanced technologies,” no doctor can recreate non-toxic chemical versions of medications with the same healing benefits as MMJ.

Doctors claim that medical marijuana makes people so “impaired” that even doing research about it is impossible… while simultaneously signing off on hundreds of unhealthy chemical medicines annually that impair citizens every hour of the day.

If people are encouraged by the government to learn moderate behaviors with booze, heavy psychiatric medications, and pain pills, they can be encouraged by that same government to learn to be moderate with MMJ. 

The government tells citizens they have two methods of consumption: the government way or no way at all. It is time to show government officials that is not the case. We have to fight for the lives and liberties of ourselves, our families, and the citizens who cannot speak for themselves due to fear of persecution.

We are Americans. This is our right.

We must free ourselves from fear of, and dependence on, the government. We need to stand up, introduce ourselves to our neighbors, unite, and give ourselves substantially healthier lives.

The Declaration of Independence asserts that we have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If the politicians cannot accept this then they need to go.


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