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By Wes Abney
Editor, NW Leaf

The Maple Valley home of Debbie Brechler and Josh Mauk was raided at 4 a.m. Tuesday by King County law enforcement agents.

Reports of another raid in the area have not been confirmed at this time. This raid follows direct federal action this month against medical marijuana processors in “Operation Shattered.”

According to the warrant served onsite, arrests were made upon suspicion of Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, Reckless Endangerment, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. No further details were available in the warrant. The pair operated as “Home Blown Concentrates,” with products available under Washington state’s medical marijuana law, RCW 69.51a, for authorized patients only.

At the home, electronics were seized, including phones and computers with access to Facebook and other social media. The warrant states a concern with the connection between those electronic devices/social media profiles and maintaining an “illegal operation.”

Both aforementioned defendants are in custody at this time.

Copies of the warrant were forwarded to NW Leaf by Pho King Tran, who was the first to arrive at the home post-raid.

“Josh and Debbie are friends, and they have been friends to all patients, and so we need to do our best to band together to be there for them in their time of need,” Pho King Tran said. “I think the MMJ industry needs to focus on where we came from, how we got to where we are today, and remember we didn’t get here on our own.

“Now is the time to come together to protect our medicine,” Pho King Tran said. “Please remember that thousands of patients rely on processors for their medicine, and that if the state takes this away our patients will suffer with no other access to this medicine. We need to stay strong, and vigilant, and ensure that we all make it through together.”

All medical marijuana producers or processors are strongly advised to immediately take safe practices with their processing, and ensure that everything is done in commercial settings. Processing in residential homes, especially where children are present, is not advised nor legal.

All processors need to ensure safe and best practices, for the safety and patients and the industry.

Please contact NW Leaf for more information about how you can support Debbie Brechler and Josh Mauk, and for updates on continuing enforcement actions by local and federal law enforcement.

~ Wes Abney

Editor’s note: According to a Facebook post from Pho King Tran, Debbie and Josh are being released from jail Tuesday night after court appearances Tuesday afternoon.

Court Support for Debbie and Josh


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