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By Miguel aka Miggy420

This will be my last published write in a marijuana oriented publication (except for a monthly article in the NW Leaf, about prisoners) for a while until I get more grounded, but I wanted one last time to encourage you, the reader — you, the marijuana consumer — to speak out and come out of the cannabis closet as I continue on my journey of life.

What is coming out of the cannabis closet? Not everyone is going to write an article or use a fake name in order to debate prohibitionist online with facts, or, as I like to call it, Weed Gospel. Not everybody can raise money for prisoners and not everybody can volunteer at a marijuana related event… but everyone can say Not Guilty.

Besides saying and believing that a person is not guilty because “It’s just marijuana,” let me give you some ammo to bring up in case somebody is condemning a person for a case related to cannabis.

Let’s start by just saying marijuana is not the drug you were taught about by D.A.R.E., or a lot of other government funded entities… entities making an easy dollar by just saying “Drugs Are Bad” and not addressing the root of the issue. When one believes and knows the truth eventually you get to the point where you realize certain people will either always be ignorant or that they know the truth and choose to be ignorant (this is the real danger).

What if I told you that a lot of our social and personal diseases started when the government outlawed a natural ingredient to some and that in fact a certain law has ended up hurting more than it fixes? You would make me put on a tin foil hat or seek therapy, but unfortunately in America, it’s an ongoing truth: Some laws were intended for control and manipulation such as the prohibition of marijuana… a prohibition that makes everyone’s neighborhood unsafe, not from the drug but from the police that enforce it, those who get to choose who are the bad guys are the real bad guys.

It is proven that the endocannabinoid system is part of our immune system. Like a sailor who would get scurvy from lack of Vitamin C, I believe our nation is sick from lack of Vitamin THC, which gets a bad rap because its referred to as a psychoactive drug, which sounds scary. Than when you refer to the state of being which a cananbis consumer feels as “high,” and associate that same feeling with heroin, now you get extra scary.

THC is not the crazy-making component you were taught in high school; there are no delusions of grandeur, no psychotic episodes, just an overall feeling of feeling okay, unless you are of the few who are allergic to it or develop panic attacks from it. Sometimes our own minds are too much for us.

Even as an advocate I use to question if marijuana really fought cancer; I mean why wouldn’t the government investigate and approve this organic way? It’s because there is no money in people treating themselves.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered the human endocannabinoid system [PHYTECS]
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Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered the human endocannabinoid system

It wasn’t until I watched The Scientist, a documentary that profiles the works of Raphael Mechoulam and the works that proceeded based off his true scientific research, that it rang true that marijuana is the spiritual medicine. I mean drum circle hippies are one thing, but scientific proof that my body absorbs and likes this is another.

There’s something to be said about conspiracy theories, but I think the problem here is that so many entities out there profit over a great wrong. They help fund the lies, one liar at a time. Just as the President of a place that makes bombs is excited about a conflict in Syria, so are the pharmaceutical, oil, and cotton manufacturers, who have a stake at keeping marijuana illegal, excited about Prohibition.

There is no money to be made in activism, just a better world. This is something I find a no-brainer, but if you’re expecting a pay day after a bunch of good works, don’t. I mean what’s the point? The feelings of satisfaction that justice is turning around should be enough — a better world is for you and me.

As long as marijuana remains illegal, the sick will go unhealed or continue to have limited options; children will be taken from parents’ children will be hurt in raids and used as pawns in stings; children will lose parents; children are more hurt because Mommy and Daddy consume alcohol instead of pot, because its legal.

People will lose their lives and their livelihoods in the name of a law for something safer than most things that are legal.

I’m at a turning point that I’ve seen from people who were in the fight long before me, that point where you have to put aside “childish antics” and grow up; the thing about my childish antics is that it’s a permanent digital footprint and I’m proud of it. Not only have I stood for a common sense approach to something that effects a lot of innocent people, I’ve also learned the facts.

I hold the confidence to walk the rest of my life with scientific and observed knowledge that marijuana is not the plant you were taught in high school. Marijuana is not toxic like alcohol or addictive like cigarettes, but for some reason the law says you can’t pick your poison. Let’s face it, at the end of the day a cocktail has been accepted, so why not a smoke or medicated cupcake?

I’ve been aware that the laws around marijuana are wrong for a long time and I think like other people you get so mad, almost to the point of madness that one sees all the lives being ruined for a plant that is legal in four states recreationally and its use is older than the country that started the war on it.

I have a project I would like you to check out, it’s a Kickstarter for a website where I travel and share the stories of the consumer. The Kickstarter will allow me to be free of special interests; it’s you, the people, I want to work for. But if that doesn’t happen it’s my family I have to think about first and a “real” job is what I will be looking for until my world is stable again. Just another casualty of the Drug War and its stigma is why one has to walk away… but I walk away with pride.

If anything I can say I’ve done something really cool, I created a fictional online character Miggy420 (based off my Gamertag, long before these other Miggy420s) and created real relationships with people in the marijuana community, respected growers, freedom fighters, and artist.

I’ve made real change and have stirred conscious thought; there’s not much more I can ask for.

Coming out of a closet doesn’t have to be all dramatic or flamboyant, it’s just a matter of saying this is who I am, this is what I do, and this is what I know.

With this in mind you will always say “not guilty” when it comes to a case involving only marijuana; temember that person getting prosecuted could be your dealer, your grower, your cousin, your friend, or even you.

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