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On Tuesday, I was at court support for POW 420 Cezar Lopez, a director for Pharma Green, a medical marijuana delivery service located in San Diego. It was his preliminary hearing. In attendance were six witnesses, five of whom were members of the collective.

In attendance was I think Mr. Lopez’s wife, brother, and of course Mr. Lopez’s attorney Lance Rogers. In addition, Dennis Boisvert and I were there for court support.

We witnessed an undercover cop by the name of Paxton take the stand. Paxton stated that all “cannabis sells are illegal,” except for him as a police officer, because “police can sell marijuana.”

Officer Paxton stated that 153 grams of cannabis is equal to 61,200 individual doses at .0025 grams per use -recreationally that is. He continued saying that medical marijuana patients probably use more anywhere from .0025 to 1 gram depending on the user.

Two witnesses were Eugene Davidvioch and Heidi Whitman, a board member from our local San Diego Americans for Safe Access (ASA) chapter. Another was Kimberly Twolan, a medical marijuana director and a member of the San Diego Marijuana Task Force. One of the more moving witnesses was Bryan Markel, a young man who suffers from chronic phantom limb pain. In addition, Steven Kerby and Victoria Roberts also gave very compassionate testimony.

The judge said that this was the most sincere bunch of people he has ever seen in a medical marijuana case and he in no way doubts their sincerity. But, despite this statement, the judge choose not to dismiss the case but to rather go forward. So, Mr. Lopez is headed back to court, ironically on the same day that the new purposed medical marijuana ordinance goes back to City Council— on April 22.

I will say this: I agree with the Judge.  I was surrounded by people that define the epitome of what Prop.215 was designed for. When three of five witnesses say that their collective gave them free medicines, you know you are in the right courtroom supporting the right people!

Thank you Cesar Lopez. We support you and stand behind you.


~ Adela Falk

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