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There’s no mistaking Lowell Smokes pre-rolls for anything other than a craft cannabis product. That impression begins with the tasteful and attractive packaging, but it doesn’t stop there. While some elaborately packaged upmarket marijuana products don’t quite measure up to their presentation in terms of potency, Lowell’s ready-rolls have that most important of follow-throughs covered: They get you very high.

Lowell Herb Co. is a California-based organic cannabis farm. The company uses only organic fertilizer and all-natural materials during the farming process. Time Out LA has called Lowell “By far the most innovative cannabis farm in California;” Urban Daddy has called it “California’s best responsibly farmed organic weed.”

Lowell specializes in packs of pre-rolled joints in three blends: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Seasonal offerings, such as Winter Harvest, are also available.

Premium Joints

Besides the pre-rolled Lowell Smokes, the company also produces unrolled cannabis flower and a cannabis bouquet, with which they first made a name for themselves when it debuted in February 2017. The “weed bouquet” was available as a Valentine’s Day offering, available for delivery in the Los Angeles area.

Flower used in Lowell Smokes is all organic, and tests between 22 percent and 25 percent THC. Each pack contains 10 premium joints, each .6 grams. The 6-gram package retails for $90, meaning each joint runs you nine bucks.

Matches Included

The Sativa joints are a great morning or mid-day smoke, or really anytime if you enjoy the stimulating mental effects. The Indica joints, as expected, are great for night-time relaxation, pain relief, and ameliorating anxiety, and a perfect near bedtime for restful sleep. (We didn’t get to try the Hybrid joints.)

We were very pleased to discover the included matches in the two packs of Lowell Smokes which we tried — especially since we didn’t have lighter on us that day. The matches saved the day! A convenient striking surface is included in the packaging.

Of course, you’re paying a premium price for all that convenience, stylish packaging and organic production of this cannabis, as in $15 a gram. But when you consider that top-shelf flower, without the elaborate packaging and convenience of being ready to smoke, often costs that much or more, it’s understandable.

History or Fiction?

While the official narrative is that “The farm was originally established in 1909 by William ‘Bull’ Lowell,” the connection between Lowell Herb Co. and that early 20th Century business is tenuous at best, and possibly fictional.

Lowell’s original company closed in 1913, the narrative goes, after the Tax Stamp Act under California’s Poison Law made cannabis illegal in the state.

Perhaps we’re being given a hint as to the veracity of the story when we’re told dude’s name was “Bull.” Another clue is that “Bull” Lowell’s face is never shown; the company’s logo features a representation of a man with a bull’s head.


You can find Lowell Smokes at the following California dispensaries:


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