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Some people in Washington state already know of my love for edibles and the efforts I make encouraging people to explore this option. But for anyone who doesn’t know me outside my writings, I LOVE CANNABIS EDIBLES!

I’m passionately involved in trying to encourage people to explore non-combustible forms of cannabis ingestion, on a daily basis, and would love to see everyone set the bong/pipe/joint down in place of healthier options. As I’ve said a million times, “Why not rest those lungs?”

Ironically, due to a mix of intestinal issues and a general distaste for the slow onset, despite my passion for edibles, I’m not such a fan of eating cannabis. The caveat to that statement everyone should know: Drinking cannabis is a completely different story, and I could (and may or may not 😛 ) drink weed all day long!

One of my favorite things about drinking cannabis beverages, or using tinctures (glycerin or alcohol-based), as opposed to eating cannabis, is the onset time. When eating cannabis treats I tend to overdo it, and once the 45-minute onset time has passed, I’ve already eaten 10x more than I needed.

With tinctures, or tincture infused beverages, the onset time usually starts within 10-15 minutes, as opposed to 45, which allows people to judge their dosage more efficiently and effectively.

I bring this up, mostly, to point out that I have NOT noticed that phenomenon with the trick I’m about to teach. For some reason this trick tends to defy the quick onset rule, and I encourage people to wait the full 45 minutes to hour before deciding how effective the medication has been.

The trick is rather simple. The first thing you want is fully purged hash oil. The type of hash oil doesn’t really matter, as long as it has a high potency and is fully purged.

Let me reinforce that again: FULLY purged, and I encourage people to err on the side of over-purging oil they’ve already made/acquired before using it for this trick, especially anyone with liver problems.

One method for ensuring the purge is to purchase a “candle warmer.” Then put your hash inside of a borosilicate jar, with the lid off, and set the jar on the candle warmer. Leave it there warming for a few days, and stir it with your “dabber” as often as possible. Though this potentially reduces some of the medicinal value of the oil (by destroying non-cannabinoid terpenes), it also ensures the purity.

Then take a small bit of creamer or whole milk, about an ounce, and slowly heat it in a pan on the “warm” or lowest setting. As the milk or creamer heats, begin introducing tiny pieces of hash oil until you’ve added your desired amount of medication. Continue stirring constantly.

I know I personally need anywhere from .5 to a full gram of BHO in one sitting when smoking it, so I usually go for between half to a full gram when doing this method as well. Many people would probably be best served starting out with a smaller dosage than that.

Once all your desired hash is dissolved in the milk/creamer — in other words you don’t see any floating in your liquid or stuck to the bottom of the pan — and your creamer seems to have turned the color of your hash a bit, you are finished. This usually takes about 5-15 minutes, depending on how vigorously you stir and on the amount of hash.

Now pour the creamer into a glass, let it cool, and drink it on down.

I personally will take the whole thing as one shot, since I find the taste of the hash can be overpowering at times, but many people like sipping on this mixture as well. Cheers!


toke signals logo - two crossed smoking joints with a cannabis leaf above

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