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Rising young rapper Menace Demarco, an Olympia, Washington native who now makes Southern California his home, buries a body in his new video for the song “The Bird Is The Word,” and the plants a little marijuana seedling on the grave. Wait, what?

Demarco has never shied away from controversy, and he’s never hidden his appreciation for weed, either. Back in 2011 he did a “How To Roll A Blunt” video on YouTube that’s moving towards 15,000 views. But hiding a body? What’s up with that?

Well, here’s the thing. It seems Menace is just tired of how fucking dumb most commercial hip-hop is these days… and that dumb-ass, watered down, tepidly commercial shit is what he’s really burying…

Menace is burying that dumb “what the fuck I just heard” commercial shit underneath the avalanche of his sharp, unsparing words, the street-wise poetry of experience, an enlightened cynicism, calling out the namby pamby sellout motherfuckers and not being polite about it. “Real music,” Menace tells us in the song, “organizes people to do shit.”

As well, the video could be seen as a metaphor for burying the stupid War On Marijuana and planting hopes for the future on its grave. I rather like that interpretation, myself…

Menace is seen prominently smoking some weed in “The Bird Is The Word” vid; he told Toke Signals it was some nice Private Reserve OG. The video took three days to film, according to Demarco, “with a zero-dollar budget.”

“Ryan McGinnis of McGinnis Media did it all,” Menace said of the video. “I’ve put quite a bit of money into the promo behind it and all my social networks,” he told us. “My Twitter and Facebook fan page are already shooting up.”

Menace has some more exciting things happening. “I have a song called K.A.R.M.A. I’m recording today, and it will be the next video,” he said. McGinnis will be handling the video duties on that one, as well, according to Demarco.

So, what phrase does “K.A.R.M.A.” stand for? “I’m releasing the meaning with the song,” Menace told us. “It’s a secret.”

K.A.R.M.A. will be unleashed upon the world on 4/20, according to Demarco.

“In this rap game, half these motherfuckers act retarded
And it’s that thing that actually got this thing started” ~ Menace Demarco

Director Ryan McGinnis of McGinnis media shooting Menace Demarco's new video, "The Bird is the Word"
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Director Ryan McGinnis of McGinnis Media shooting Menace Demarco’s new video, “The Bird is the Word”

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