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Toke Signals has obtained copies of a letter sent by a group of medical marijuana activists based in Seattle on Thursday to the federal Internal Revenue Service, including financial records and other information regarding the operations of the Seattle-based Cannabis Farmers Market and Tacoma-based dispensary Sacred Plant Medicine.

Among the serious allegations in the letter are that “Kitty Greatbanks Miller,” who falsely claims to be the daughter of federal marijuana prisoner Eddy Lepp, has fraudulently held fundraising events for more than $100,000 that was never placed in Lepp’s prison account.

Other serious allegations include claims by several former employees that Kitty and Jeremy Miller, violating federal guidelines, brought up California-grown marijuana to sell in their Tacoma dispensary. Right after one 100-plant harvest at a home the Millers allegedly own in Laytonville, California, Kitty posted on Cannabis Farmers Market’s Facebook page, “Fresh Cali weed, $1,900 lb.” “I remember her saying how much stuff was coming up from Cali,” one former employee told us. “Just crazy!” “Remember how we had to tell local vendors no, unless they could match Cali outdoor prices Jeremy was not interested – and he told patients it was local?” added another former employee.

Letter Calls Attention To ‘Several Egregious Crimes’

“I would like to call your attention to several egregious crimes that have are being committed by: Kristin ‘Kitty’ Dunlavy, Denslow, Greatbanks Miller,” the letter, signed by Heidi Grossman, L.C., begins, and goes on to give Miller’s date of birth (05-12-68) and her DBA (Kit-Tea’s).

“She has defrauded our community for over an estimated 2.5 million dollars in cash, sponsorships, fundraising, raffles, events, and donations from medical patients and business owners within the Medical Cannabis Community in the states of California, Oregon and Washington,” reads the February 13 letter, addressed to members of the IRS, along with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

“I was employed by her as a manager in July to September 2012 for Kit-Teas Medicated Herbal Teas, Sacred Plant Medicine, and The Cannabis Farmers Market in Tacoma,” the letter reads. [The Cannabis Farmers Market had been based in Tacoma before that city shut it down last year.] “They have now moved to The Luxe Lounge, 5220 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA.”

“I have 2 bankers’ boxes full of records and evidence,” Grossman writes. “Thanks to social media a private support group that was formed for her victims (over 100), we have all figured out Kristin has developed a very clear pattern and cons 2-3 victims out of their time, money and assets on an average of every 90 days.”

“Kristin Dunlavy has also been fundraising without a 501(c)3 for the last 4 years using a federal inmate’s name without his full knowledge or understanding of the situation,” the letter alleges. “The ‘Eddy Lepp Raffle’ is held at every market. You can actually see the raffle table in the September 2012 High Times Magazine articles on The Farmers Market.”

“Each vendor was responsible for donating $25 as a raffle item,” Grossman writes. “I have a copy of the contract; I wrote it [50 vendors x $25 = $2,450 was collected for the raffle monthly and is also published in the September issue of High Times Magazine]. The raffle always brought in at least $450 to $500. I used to personally count the money and it then went in Kitty’s purse or personal bank account.”

“There were also several other fundraising ‘events’ that brought in over an estimated $100,000+ in cash and donations,” the letter alleges.

“Kristin was a welfare beneficiary,” Grossman writes. “She reported to SSI she made $600 in August of 2012 when in fact she cleared over $100,000. We need your help to remove this sociopath from our community as she continues to find and defraud more victims.”

Cannabis Farmers Markets Income: $250 a booth or trade, average of 50 vendors every two weeks. Brings in an average of $15,000+ every month. This was published in High Times Medical Marijuana Magazine, September 2012 issue,” the letter reads.

“Kit-Teas Medicated Herbal Teas: Averaging another $15,000 minimum every month. There are several articles that have been published on Kitty to verify this income,” according to the letter.

“Below are the months I have income records for,” the letter reads.

2012 Sacred Plant Medicine + CFM + Kit-Teas

1. 57,976.39  +  CFM +  Kitteas = $97,976.39

2. 50,609.61 + CFM +  Kitteas = $90,609.61

3. 45,160.92 + CFM + Kitteas = $95, 160.92

4. 40,446.12 + CFM + Kitteas = $80,446..12

5. 43,169.50 + CFM + Kitteas = $83,169.50

6. 52,364.71 + CFM + Kitteas = $92,364.71

7. 57, 267.05 +CFM + Kitteas = $97,267.05

8. 76,634.47 + CFM + Kitteas = 116,634.47

9. 81,693.29 + CFM + Kitteas = $114,193.29

10. 87,554.62 + CFM + Kitteas = $123, 551.88

11. 83,551.88+ CFM + Kitteas = $120, 554.62

12. 89,435.51 + CFM + Kitteas = $129,435.51

“Kristin Dunlavy has hired over 100 employees in the last four years and fails to pay them minimum wage or pay them at all after their work is completed,” Grossman writes. “No one has received a W-2 or 1099. Kristin Dunlavy always fires her employees on payday and then she proceeds to harass, stalk, defame and slander each and every one of them.”

‘I Am No Hater – I Am Real And Want To Be Treated Honestly’

As rumors of exposure started to filter through social media this week, Kitty and Jeremy Miller began to take preemptive swipes at their detractors, bemoaning the plethora of “haters” they seem to attract.

“I am no hater,” commented one former associate. “I am real and want to be treated honestly. If that’s too much to fucking ask, don’t go begging for money.”

“Well, there were two of us going to work there,” writes another former volunteer, Aaryn Spring. “She got a 2-for-1. And the first six weeks I worked as an intern for free. We drove there 100 miles a day. Thirty dollars in gas every day for six weeks…”

“But if you count how much I made there, I was giving away so much free stuff to patients, Jeremy and Kitty had outrageous prices and the people I knew that were truly sick, I was buying their meds,” Spring told us. “So I was like negative every week. I kept track. Sometimes I made maybe 20 bucks, but most weeks I made either 0 or paid 20 bucks.

“I tried to get them to do a cancer patient program or offer low income assistance; they had 15-dollar-a-gram stuff,” Aaryn told us. “And this nasty stuff that I was embarrassed to show for 8 bucks. I mean, a sick person who needs meds, and 15 for that or 8 for that? Come on.”

“I never needed her,” Aaryn said. “She ruined my business. And I actually never really got paid to work there — I paid to do it.”

According to Aaryn, Kitty asked her to call Child Protective Services (CPS) on people when she became unhappy with them. Aaryn said Kitty also asked her to call the fire department on a rival dispensary where Jeremy’s former girlfriend worked, to report them making butane hash oil and “having explosives” in the shop, and that the shop owners were “dealing pills” and “dosing people with acid.”

Another Kitty Experience:
‘It Makes You Wonder Where All The Money Went’

“So here’s my own personal experience,” writes former volunteer, Taeya Pankow. “I can only say what it was like for me. I started going to the market in Tacoma in the summer of 2011. It was my first real experience of cannabis culture. I was so impressed with the market that I really wanted to be a part of it.

“I approached Kitty during a market in July 2011 and asked her about volunteering there,” Pankow said. “She had me talk with Maddie and I was soon scheduled to come in and volunteer. On my first day I worked the front desk checking people in, answering the phones and scheduling appointments for the doctor. (At that time they were running a side business doing authorizations along with the dispensary and market.)

“I really loved what I did, and the patients that came in. I grew to know and love them,” she said. “That, for me, is the saddest part of all this — the people that I lost.”

“So not long after I started there, Kitty moved the ‘kids’ as I called them up from Oregon with promises of places to stay and work,” Taeya told us. “For awhile it seemed to work out OK. We were all doing everything in our power to help her and that place out.

“She paid us all under the table in cash, plus we got either flower or tincture as well,” Pankow said. “Both Jeremy and Kitty were strict about us trying to get new people into the shop every day. We had to print out huge lists from MMJ Menu and cold call people. It was embarrassing for us and sometimes people would get very angry on the phone.

“The kids had to put on this disgusting gorilla suit and stand outside on the sidewalk trying to look funny and get people’s attention hoping they would come inside,” Taeya revealed. “I didn’t really understand why they were pushing us so much. I knew how much the shop took in every month and the markets as well. They had plenty of money.

“According to MMJ Menu, which tracks all of the patients coming in and what they bought and how much they spent, they made over $20,000 for the month of September 2011!” Pankow said. “That doesn’t include what the market brought in. It makes you wonder where all the money went.

“Meanwhile, I was getting calls daily from bill collectors for Jeremy,” Taeya revealed. “The car that he had leased got repo’d from Volkswagen after they got tired of calling and talking to me every day. I watched the tow truck pull up into the parking lot and hitch the car up and start to drive away before [Jeremy] noticed what was happening. Kinda funny, actually. I didn’t say anything.

“I do know that most of the money went to the tea business,” Pankow said. “She spent a ton of money on the pre-packaged herbs. The tea room was filled with tubs that the kids would scoop herbs into little tea bags and staple them and put them into tins. I myself never witnessed any cannabis going into any of those teas. From what I saw, they were filled with herbs only. Considering how much of that tea we drank every day there, we would have been on our asses all day if there was any cannabis in there.

“She also bought peanut butter and jam, waffle mix, Chapstick and other products,” Taeya revealed. “She would simply put them in new packaging with her label on them and sell them as cannabis products. Once again, I’ve never seen her add cannabis to any of these products, but she sold them as such.

“The kitchen at Sacred Plant was one of most disgusting places I’ve seen,” Pankow said. “Nothing was cleaned up, and we ended up having a huge fruit fly problem because of that. The flies were so bad, we had them throughout the shop. The clones in the front case had them, the waiting room, bathroom, every room in that place had flies.

“Their answer was to set off chemical bombs to get rid of them,” Taeya told us. “I remember we had to set them up in three different rooms and set them off before we left for the night. It was disgusting!

“After that time, Kitty and Jeremy were going to get married in California,” Pankow said. “There was a whole lot of drama at the shop leading up to that. She had me buy things on my credit card for her wedding, like shoes, accessories and such. It all came back to me on my paycheck, thank goodness.

“I remember them being really concerned about the fact that they were leaving and we’d be in charge,” Taeya said. “There was also going to be a market in Seattle while they were gone. We had it figured out that at the end of each day, the cost of payroll would be taken out of the till so we could get paid while they were gone. Well, that didn’t happen. They had [Name Withheld] deposit the money the shop made each night into their account while they were gone. They were using the shop’s money to fund their wedding and honeymoon and we were getting screwed.

“It all came to a head on a Saturday in the middle of November,” Pankow told us. “They were gone in Hawaii at that point on their honeymoon. I, plus the other people at the shop, were getting ready for the market in Seattle that night. We had all gotten paid at end of the day the night before (Friday).

“Jeremy calls, freaking out about how he doesn’t have any money and they’re in Hawaii and why did he pay us the night before?” Taeya told us. “He told [Name Withheld] that he needed to get the money back from all of us! We all told him that he wasn’t getting the money back. I knew for a fact that the kids had partied and bought clothes and such. The money wasn’t there to even give back.

“Jeremy freaked out, saying that we had stolen from them,” she said. “Yep, we ‘stole’ our paychecks. He called demanding that we cancel the market that day. It was only 4 hours before the market! There were vendors coming from all over the state to be here for this market. None of them would get any money back, either!

“The point that I left and walked out, was when they wanted me to get on the phone and call all of my vendors, canceling,” Pankow said. “I refused to do it. At that point, [2 Names Withheld] were leaving, too, and I walked right out with them. I wasn’t going to be a part of screwing over the vendors anymore. I wasn’t going to be associated with a place that did that to people.

“Since we were all fired after that, I had everyone over to my house and we had a really good time,” Taeya said. “I’m sad to see all of that gone now, but I stood up for myself and that’s all that matters. They are frauds, and all I can do is hope that one day people figure that out.”

Editor’s note: All of the details above were verified by two other former volunteers at Sacred Plant and Cannabis Farmers Market.

Kitty: ‘I Have Spoke at the White House’

Meanwhile Kitty responds to her “haters” by posting on Facebook, “I have spoke [sic] at the White House [no record exists of this], I have taught our youth [no record exists of this], served our country [no record exists of this], been published numerous times [by her husband], helped legalize medical marijuana in two states, I have raised a child, rescued horses, dogs, birds, and a skunk before.

“I have climbed mountains, I have helped prisoners and am proud to be me so say what you will it WON’T Matter publicly is publicity good or bad.” [That’s what she posted, folks; No, I don’t know what the hell she means, and maybe she doesn’t either.] “I can show them who I am by my actions after you lead them to watch me [perhaps the greatest truth she’s ever told].”

Getting A Rep

One thing I’ve noticed in the eight years I’ve been immersed in Seattle’s medical marijuana community is that certain players within the scene have gathered reputations unto themselves. This activist is “difficult;” that one is “moody”; this one “can’t say no” and that one “can’t say yes.” The thing is, at the end of the day, we’re all family and, despite our differences, we share common goals and beliefs.

Then there are the other reputations — the ones folks get after they’ve ripped off enough people to establish a pattern. Kitty and Jeremy Miller have that kind of a rep in this industry, and when anybody dares to point it out, they always play the victim card. While they’ve been able to retain an inner circle of true believers who eagerly tell them what leaders and visionaries they are, the facade, for many of us, is wearing quite thin.

For years now, I’ve had multiple former employees of the Millers come to me with stories of how their initial idealism had been shattered after they had volunteered to help the Cannabis Farmers Market for free, and then were treated badly by Kitty.

That leaves aside numerous allegations — some of which may be put to the test very soon — that Kitty’s “Kit-Teas” line of supposedly cannabis-infused teas don’t have any cannabinoids in them, and in fact, according to the allegations, contain over-the-counter products including crushed-up pills that are responsible for any effects that might occur.

Toke Signals’ requests for comment from Kitty and Jeremy Miller have gone unanswered.

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Damn, girl, take some Imodium or something.
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Damn, girl, take some Imodium or something.

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