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Authorized medical cannabis patients in the Seattle area are invited to a “nearly-free” health screening evaluation on Sunday, June 22, by Dr. Gil Mobley, M.D. The evaluation will include an active THC level and sobriety testing.


“With the passage of I-502 came onerous DUI provisions, especially for regular medical cannabis users whose residual active THC levels may linger well above the DUI cutoff of 5 nanograms for days into total abstinence,” Dr. Gil told Toke Signals Friday afternoon.


Recent government studies confirm what we have long suspected: active THC can linger in a patient’s blood at the 5 ng cutoff for days into total abstinence. (Desrosiers, Nathalie NIDA 2014). “Therefore, it is important for patients to know when it’s safe to drive based on their blood levels in reference to when they medicate,” Dr. Gil said. “A neurological exam will accompany sobriety testing to facilitate a patient’s awareness of any impairment as well.”


The lab results take a week to come back and be mailed, Dr. Mobley said.

To be considered individuals must be authorized medical cannabis users in the Washington, be over 21 and not be needle-phobic: “We need to draw blood from the arm and collect saliva samples,” Dr. Gil explained.

The cost for this exam is $40, and that includes the lab testing. “The tests themselves would cost over $400 even without the neurological exam so this is a remarkable bargain for medical cannabis patients,” Dr. Gil said.


Short on cash? Dr. Gil has arranged one of the studies being done to reimburse patients $40 for some saliva, paid same day!


Enrollment will be limited to 45 patients due to budgetary and time constraints and take place this Sunday, June 22, 2014, “at a very convenient location with abundant parking just off the highway, north of downtown,” Dr. Gil said.For more details, location and to schedule an appointment time, please call or email Dr. Gil Mobley at 417-848-6100 / .
“See you Sunday!” Dr. Gil said.
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