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I was gifted an Armilon Capsule recently, and offered to do a review.  I have to say, this is one of the sweetest smoking devices I’ve had the pleasure of using in my 25-year career.  There’s no mistaking that this piece is beautiful, but it might raise a few eyebrows with it’s sleek, sexy design!  When I first saw it, let’s just say I thought it was something else entirely.

Crafted out of anodized, aircraft grade aluminum, The Armilon’s finely turned pieces fit together well, gliding together on gaskets to make a capsule that is small enough to fit in your pocket.  It hits very smooth, but be careful — it hits back!  That awesome cooling action will knock you on the head.  The advantage to that?  It takes less medicine!

As a cannabis patient with a limited budget, who is in chronic pain, this is important to me. The first morning after I received this pipe, I took two hits of some Church OG that I’d been smoking on for about two weeks. It relieved my pain, and put me in an amazing mood.

The Church OG had kind of lost its edge, so when it hit me harder than the first time I’d smoked it, it gave me pause and made me look again. That action hasn’t diminished as with any other of our house-favorite pieces and I’m still smoking a bit less a week later.

As with any pipe, when this pipe is clean, your smoking material has amazing flavor. It seems to keep it for longer than most. That brings up my next point: This pipe is very easy to clean!  When in-between major cleans, you just push the button on the bottom of the bowl and the bowl slides up to be taken out.  There are 5 holes around the bottom of the bowl to poke or blow out.  Slide it back in, and go!

I haven’t had to yet, but for a major clean, gently pull apart the four pieces, pull the two gaskets, and clean with alcohol or pipe cleaning solution.

There is very little to gripe about with this pipe, and I had to look hard. I feel that if the gaskets were doubled at the stem and bowl, there would be less chance of resin leakage, and a slightly tighter/smoother glide action with less propensity to pull completely apart. It does this less often, as you get used to its slide action.

Nightmare Alabama wrote this product review for Toke Signals
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Nightmare Alabama wrote this product review for Toke Signals

I’m in a half-cast on my left arm, so am challenged right now, but I see how it could be a bit tricky for someone with a hand disability to manage.  She can be slightly slippery to grip, and a couple of well placed grooves might fix this, although they might ruin her sexy figure. I still managed to carb it with no opposable thumb on my left hand.

I love this pipe, and would only add a couple of things:  a case to carry the capsule with some smoking material, and a pokey to clean the bowl. It would fit nicely in the mouthpiece to stop debris from getting in from a pocket or purse. One more minor thing I’d add:  a groove around the very top of the bowl, making it easier to grip and pull out to clean.

This is a beautifully designed piece that should last a lifetime.  On sale 20 percent off, at $49.99 right now, I think it’s a smart buy, and should outlast your next sex toy.

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