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Thurlow Weed, No Excuses Entertainment:
“The best way to promote change is through education and the idea of the tour is to reach out to and interact with as many people as possible through the tour, and educate them about the benefits of this amazing plant”

No Excuses Entertainment, LLC, a Denver-based cannabis media and entertainment company, has announced the dates and stops on their 48 State Cannabis Education Signature Drive (there’s the link for future reference, but as of right now on January 31, we actually have more info right here on this page).

The tour has chosen to start later then the originally planned date of March 8, according to No Excuses Entertainment CEO Thurlow Weed. The tour will start at The Annual 4/20 Rally in Denver on April 20.

No Excuses Entertainment is the Official Media Company of the rally, and will be doing a Worldwide 4/20 broadcast on their iBAKE TV internet TV channel.

The tour was originally set to start March 8 at Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO. Since the tour has linked up with CannaSense and the CannaBus, they have decided to start the tour at The Annual 4/20 Rally in Denver, Colorado on April 20.

The rally is the largest 4/20 rally in the world, as reported by CNN, and expecting close to 100,000 people this year.

After the start of the tour No Excuses Entertainment and CannaSense will tour the lower 48 states of the United States.

“We will be stopping at eight of the major cannabis community events over the 4-1/2 month tour, reaching over 1 million people at these stops,” said Thurlow Weed, CEO of No Excuses Entertainment.

“The best way to promote change is through education and the idea of the tour is to reach out to and interact with as many people as possible through the tour, and educate them about the benefits of this amazing plant,” Thurlow said.

The 48 State Cannabis Education Tour will be stopping at the following events:

April 20, 2013
420 Celebration
Denver, Colorado

August 30, 2013
Burning Man

List of Events:

20-21 – Denver CO -420 Celebration/2013 Cannabis Cup
22-23 – Wyoming TBA
24-25 – Montana TBA
26-27 – North Dakota TBA
28-29 – REST
4/30-5/03 – South Dakota TBA

4-5 – Omaha, Nebraska – World Wide Marijuana March – LittleTree Speaking – Historic Hemp Farm
6-7 – Kansas TBA
8-9 – Missouri TBA
10 – REST
11-12 – Kentucky TBA
13-14 – South Carolina TBA
15-16 – Atlantic City, Georgia – CHAMP Trade Show
17 – REST
18-21 – Florida TBA
22-23 – Alabama TBA
24-25 – Tennessee TBA
26-27 – North Carolina TBA
28 – REST
29-30 – Virginia TBA
31 – REST


1-2 – Drive to Iowa
3 – REST
4-5 – Iowa TBA
6-7 – Wisconsin TBA
8-9 – Minnesota TBA
10-11 – Drive to California
12 – REST
13-15 – California KUSH Expo – Anaheim
16-18 – Arizona TBA
19 – REST
20-22 – Las Vegas, Nevada
23-24 – Utah TBA
25-27 – New Mexico Earthship Village – Taos
6/28-7/1 – Colorado Springs Event

1 – Colorado Amendment 64 Regulation Party
2-6 – Texas TBA
7-8 – Oklahoma TBA
9 – REST
10-11 – Arkansas TBA
12-13 – Louisiana TBA
14-15 – Mississippi TBA
16 – REST
17 – Drive to Illinois
18-19 – Illinois TBA
20-21 – Indiana TBA
22-23 – Michigan TBA
24-25 – Ohio TBA
26-27 – West Virginia TBA
28 – REST
29-30 Washington, DC TBA
30 – Maryland TBA


1 – Delaware TBA
2 – New Jersey TBA
3 – Pennsylvania TBA
4 – New York TBA
5 – REST
6 – Connecticut TBA
7 – Rhode Island TEBA
8 – Massachusetts TBA
9 – New Hampshire TBA
10 – Maine TBA
11 – REST
12 – Vermont TBA
13-14 – Drive to Seattle, Washington
15 – REST
16-19 – Seattle Hempfest
20-21 – REST
22-24 Oregon Southern Jefferson State Hemp Expo
25-26 Idaho TBA
27 – Drive to Nevada
8/28-9/2 – Burning Man, Nevada

END Sept. 2

“When we are in your state, we would love to stop by!” Thurlow Weed said.

“If you would like to hold a cannabis education event in your state on the same days we are there… Plan an event, and we will come!

“Our goal is to get the signatures of people who want cannabis re-legalized across the United States, so please plan an event that has 15 or more people!

“TBA is areas where we either need to have events thrown, or are confirming the dates and location. It will be updated weekly, so check in often. We cannot change the dates due to the amount of committed events scheduled.

“If you have a place for the RV and crew to stay, or a hot meal and we will be in your area, please let us know ASAP,” Thurlow said.

Donations can be made to:
No Excuses Entertainment LLC
2978 W. 119th aVe.
Westminster, CO 80234


All donations will cover gas, RV parking fees, meals, various transportation needs, and miscellaneous tour items, according to Thurlow Weed.

“This is a grassroots effort,” Thurlow said. “Thank you for the support!”

For more tour information or to sponsor this event please contact Thurlow Weed at No Excuses Entertainment by emailing


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