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Medical marijuana patient/activist Tonya Davis wants a few minutes with President Obama
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Medical marijuana patient/activist Tonya Davis wants a few minutes with President Obama

Not much scares Tonya Davis.

Facing a terminal illness, this Ohio woman doesn’t mind traveling alone to Washington, D.C., to advocate for the only medicine that helps — medical marijuana.

And she doesn’t mind requesting a few moments of President Barack Obama’s time, to fulfill her bucket list dream of telling the President the truth about cannabis, from a patient’s perspective.

It’s a simple last request. Tonya’s not asking for a trip to Disney World. She just wants to sit down and talk with the President for a few minutes, to clear the smoke about medical marijuana.

Despite her illness, Davis is determined to confront medical cannabis prohibition with compassion and common sense. Humble and self-effacing, Tonya spreads kindness and positivity, declining to participate in the personality conflicts and overwrought drama that, unfortunately, seem at times to be so much a part of the cannabis community.

“I want to make this effort count,” she told Toke Signals. “The President needs to hear from someone who’s not in the industry. He needs to hear from a patient; he needs to hear that it’s not about greed, with me, or about financial gain in any way.

“It’s about my life,” Tonya told me. “I think he might just listen if given the chance.”

Tonya has written an open letter to Obama (reproduced below); she hopes to be able to meet with the President while she’s in D.C., from February 21-26, to attend the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, held Feb. 22-25 by patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA).

“I am excited to finally be able to make a difference,” Davis said. “I hope Obama will show his heart to help save mine.”

“Obama’s got to meet us in the middle,” Davis told me. “He has never said he hated marijuana, or that he quit because it was bad. I’ve never even heard him say, ‘Yes, I’ve quit.’ ”

“We, as patients, have a chance the ‘industry’ doesn’t, to find out, and to get the President to do something kind for someone who is begging him for his help,” Davis said. “We can change how Washington, D.C., thinks about cannabis.”

A petition supporting Tonya’s quest to meet with President Obama has been started on the federal government’s “We the People” site; you can support Tonya’s effort by signing the petition here.


A message from Tonya Davis to President Obama

My name is Tonya Davis. I am a registered voter and I need your help. Just give me a few minutes and listen, that’s all I ask. My whole life I have begged for help; no one ever hears me. I will be heard this time because this is my life I’m fighting for and I’m going to die on my terms.

My neurologist came into my hospital room and told me a year ago that there was nothing that they can do for me anymore except keep me comfortable and treat symptoms.

I have massive calcium deposits on my brain. I have pseudo-hypoparathyroidism which has completely disabled me and caused major medical problems such as crippling arthritis, diseased esophagus, hiatal hernia … inflamed bowel disease with adhesions wrapped around it … severe critical hypocalcemia … very high phosphorous … my blood pressure is all over the map … my heart rate is through the roof.

All of this can be proven and backed up. Will you do the right thing and support compassion, not corruption?

Our government knows that cannabis is a medicine and that it is a neuroprotective and antioxidant, which is exactly what I need. They have patents on it. I am literally fighting for my life and my independence as well as trying to keep my cognitive thinking okay. By allowing me the same access as the 18 states plus Washington DC, as well as the four patients that are currently allowed on federal level … it is not harming anyone.

I deserve that same access even though I am in the state of Ohio. I should not have to go die like a wounded animal in the woods (going to a state that does have medical cannabis laws) where I have no family and no support system.

I am not a drug addict; I do not suffer from mental illness or have any type of criminal record.

I do have my Ohio doctor’s support; I have my pharmacist’s support. I have my out-of-state written recommendation from my cannabinoid specialist. I have lived in same place for the decade I’ve fought for this issue.

Here is a video clip of me and my cannabinoid specialist and the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; take a moment to watch it as well. They have my back; will you?

My future is bleak, but I have an opportunity to change things and to protect what brain that is not damaged yet — and most importantly, die on my terms.

A message from doctors and law enforcement

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