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Cheech and Chong already had this idea -- back in 1981 [Nice Dreams]
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Cheech and Chong already had this idea — back in 1981 [Nice Dreams]

It’s always Nice Dreams until the Man shows up. Two men in El Paso, Texas, were arrested over the weekend after the cops found marijuana inside their ice cream truck, which reportedly had purple paint and flashy rims.

El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies stopped the truck after claiming they noticed an expired registration sticker and a cracked windshield, reports David Edwards at The Raw StoryTwo suspects fled, but were chased down by deputies.

Lawmen seized “two large Tupperware bowls of marijuana” from 19-year-old Elijah Sanchez; more weed was reportedly found inside the truck, reports David Burge of the El Paso Times.

Sanchez was busted for possession of marijuana and evading arrest. The other guy, Anthony Arellano, 29, was also arrested on marijuana possession charges. Arellano has a previous marijuana possession charge from 2006, deputies claimed.

It was not clear if the suspects had been selling marijuana out of the truck, KVIA‘s Gerardo Najera cautiously noted.

The idea of using ice cream trucks to sell weed is not new. Back in 1981, Cheech and Chong’s movie Nice Dreams featured a weed-laden ice cream truck selling “Happy Herb’s Nice Dreams.”

In Red Bay, Alabama, in 1987, I can tell you it was possible to buy weed off one of the local milkmen’s trucks. And when I lived in Long Beach, California, 2002-2004, one local ice cream man was also slingin’ trees (stop him when he’s passin’ by).

In the 1995 movie Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, the character Big Worm uses an ice cream truck in his weed business, and in the Showtime series Shameless, characters deal marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol to minors out of an ice cream truck.


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