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The Day After Tomorrow is a science fiction movie about a weather disaster that causes the characters to band together to save themselves, their cities, and their families.

Today, thousands of veterans are in the midst of devastating crises. They are facing eviction from their homes, mental and physical illnesses, and rampant joblessness. They lack access to health benefits and critical medical services.

The government currently does not have the funding to re-educate veterans to prepare them for new careers. Veterans can no longer afford to provide for their families due to budget cuts that affect their paychecks. Many veterans are partially or permanently disabled.

They suffer the indignities of being shuttled from city to city by government officials because they cannot get approved for housing benefits or mortgage loans. They are often socially ostracized and unable to assist their families.

They suffer from divorce, inability to receive proper child care assistance for their kids, religious persecution, chronic and terminal illness, enduring PTSD, depression, and rage disorders.

They suffer from all of this because they made an oath to the government to protect America. They made, and often fulfill, oaths to support this country unto death.

They suffer from devastating mental and physical illnesses such as: shrapnel injuries, Gulf War Syndrome, various cancers, chronic multi-symptom illnesses, toxic metal exposure, chemical weapon exposure, and COPD.

As they wait for much-needed surgical or psychological services, they endure benefit cuts and increasingly verbally abusive behaviors from unexpected areas like hospitals or medical office staff who share their negative “insights” about medical marijuana users.

There was a time when doctors were supposed to be compassionate toward all patients. Staff members were expected to be professional at all times with their patients.

Unfortunately, discussions about medical marijuana use cause people to lose their manners and basic senses of diplomacy and civility. These now commonly-occurring verbal abuses lead to insomnia, irritability, and depression in veterans.

Veterans then have to deal with the knowledge that not only are they suffering, but their families are also suffering.

President Obama and the current administration, which includes everyone in the House and Senate, this is a message from America to you:


Dear Mr. Obama and staff,

You and your government officials have failed this nation’s veterans in every possible way. Medical marijuana (MMJ) and hemp have consistently succeeded where you have failed.

Growing MMJ and hemp creates much-needed avenues of economic stability; your current administration has not managed even a semblance of competence in regard to helping Veterans find suitable careers.

Ingesting MMJ supplements the amino acids necessary to help combat depression and instill peace of mind; your administration has made the commonly-prescribed chemical medicines too expensive for the average veteran to afford.

The MMJ community accepts veterans while every other social service group has failed to help them due to governmental funding issues; your administration is directly responsible for cutting vital social lifelines for veterans.

MMJ provides profound healing effects to veterans suffering from terminal illnesses. The illnesses obtained during chemical exposures while on missions overseas. The government has put many critically ill veterans on long waiting lists for medical treatments without offering compassionate alternatives.

MMJ brings restorative sleep to the veterans suffering from chronic insomnia due to having been abandoned by the very government that asked them to offer up their lives.

This same government mandates that chronically depressed veterans be treated with chemical medications that are repeatedly shown to be not only harmful, but fatal, when ingested over extended periods of time. What kind of government orders their veterans to take medications that they know causes suicidal ideation? The veterans who have seen the worst sorts of wartime horrors?

The American government needs to earn back the trust of its veterans by promptly, efficiently, and regularly supporting veterans and their families. Millions of American citizens pay taxes to make sure that proper care is given to veterans but it is not happening. American taxes are not going to their allotted areas. These situations need to be corrected immediately as America is in severe crisis due to repeated failures by government officials.

Support the choice of American veterans to use medical marijuana as a primary source of medical treatment.  The states have voted to support their veterans in their choices. The government should respect what has been mandated by the votes of American citizens and the veterans who fight to preserve the lives of those citizens.

Mr. Obama your administration has the power to quickly restore the lives of millions of Americans.  Right this second you have the power to legalize hemp and medical marijuana crops throughout this nation.

Within days of legalization thousands of Americans would be back to work. By this Christmas millions more will have been employed. By Memorial Day 2014 you will have saved the lives of millions of people and empowered incredible economic changes.

You very quickly bailed out the bankers — using American tax dollars — when they were in crisis and asking for help. You can use that exact same rapid bailout power to help the veterans in crisis now who actually earned those tax dollars.

Now stop making excuses and get to work.



The United States of America. 


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