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By Miguel AKA Miggy420

We are here not because of the efforts of one person but those of many, not because of the work of one group but because of them all. Many forces join together when there is one true truth: Marijuana is not a crime, it’s a plant.

Many people believe they know what gentrification is, but let me put it in a nutshell for you: It’s the shaping and marketing of a thing that grew organically. Good neighborhoods don’t just happen; people slowly become comfortable with one another which creates that old neighborhood feel, which is slowly being chopped and diced by corporate and self-interest for financial gain — same as what’s happening to the marijuana market in Washington State. It becomes more apparent each day to me that Washington state marijuana is just another business, and it’s being gentrified.

As a marijuana conspiracy theorist, I would like to think that something  more nefarious is going on, but the truth in the matter, the reason why the market and the transitioning process has been such a clusterfuck, is because no one gives a genuine damn about the integrity of this plant, just the dollar. Some of those in charge and those that say they advocate for rights, are in it to be part of the groundbreaking regulation about to happen, but again, you’re making rules for something that is on the “danger” equivalent of apples, which can be used to make alcoholic cider.

As people make power plays to control the market of this amazing plant (as can be seen here) let me remind you it’s still just nature, one doesn’t have a monopoly on sunsets and daisies but yet you try.

As it becomes more legal and becomes “regulated” it occurs to me that those in charge really don’t care about this amazing plant. What’s being passed off as rules and regulation really don’t protect the public, it just creates a means of revenue for the legislation.

I keep trying to step away from being a mouthpiece but there is so much fucked up going on that I ‘am fortunate enough to have the media outlets to get my message out there because my interest are purely for freedom and justice in my America. There are many dramas being played out in the name of marijuana, from incarcerations, snake oil salesmen, and carpetbaggers, but my drama, my concern, is that of social justice for me and you.

We are still in a state of unrest. People are still behind bars, youth are still having marijuana used against them (nobody wants a criminal record), youth are still being hurt in raids, youth are still killing themselves out of marijuana guilt (that’s when they’re caught and forced to believe there is no more future, that they won’t have the ability to function as a citizen). Young men and women are being incarcerated, only to come out old and unemployable.

We are clearly not out of the woods yet. People are still losing their jobs and custody rights because of a plant. Hell, I face persecution and judgment for future employment as they do a background check because I don’t make my money off of weed and writing but in RF and knowledge, there is no need for me in the weed world but to be a voice saying “Not Guilty”.

Besides fear of jail, fear in the workplace is another way to manipulate us, the American people. Even as I write this, I fear my activism can stop me from getting employment in a field I enjoy and am an asset in.

Why am I considered a threat when all I want to do is help myself by helping others? The sooner the Drug War is over, the sooner I can get on with my life, but instead there’s a black eye, a blemish on American justice which hinders progress, which hinders my America.

The great thing about being American and speaking up that marijuana should be legal is it covers everyone that is an American — black, white, young and old, brown and yellow, it covers us all, gay or straight, married or single, we are all created equal and it needs to be upheld.

I don’t make money in this industry. Hell, I’ve only made 60 bucks out of all my blogging, but I have put my ass on the line for complete strangers simply because I believe in fairness, truth, justice and the American way.

I believe you can believe in your god or don’t, love a person or persons of the same sex or don’t, get married or don’t, but it’s not our right to tell each other how to live as long as another person’s space is not being violated. This is the American way, this is why we’re supposedly better than the rest, that we can yell and scream whatever you want and face the public consequences of morality, not be locked behind bars.

I don’t make money via marijuana and that’s because I don’t want to. Activism is a duty, a right that each and everyone one of us must do if we enjoy this amazing plant called marijuana. It’s your American duty to stand for those helping you by bringing you this act of nature. It’s up to you to help nature no matter what state you’re in.

My friend from another state asked if I would’ve changed my vote after the implementation of the recreational law and I said no and still stand by that, I voted against I-502, but now the lid has been opened and can’t be put back. Since the implementation of 502 many people have been hurt. Many of the marijuana forefathers and mothers have been hurt by the whole process and in turn people who relied on these people for their medicine got hurt as well.

Hurst (left) with fellow medical marijuana-hater Gov. Jay Inslee [Washington State House Republicans]
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Rep. Christopher Hurst (left) with fellow medical marijuana-hater Gov. Jay Inslee

The State’s inability to meet in the middle is a sad representation of the things we hate. I always found it ironic that Washington state, the which has a powerful activism and protest history against the “Man” known as corporate America, is also home to Starbucks… hence what I would like to call the mentality of Washington state’s capitol towards marijuana — and that’s the Starbucks mentality.As Washington legislators destroy something that was beautiful, I see what is happening in our state as a warning to all the future states. Marijuana is medicine and should be protected at all costs, not cut up to be left for dead.

As I’ve said before, there are lot of good players and bad players out there; in both the activism side of things and in the business side. Yes, I said business, even the medical aspect.

One of the arguments to suppressing the marijuana market is if it’s medical, than everything involved should be altruistic, i.e., free or that transactions should be donations. This whole concept is bullshit.

If medical is to be such than we need to go after the government. Let me explain. I am an asthmatic and up until 2011 I used a Primatene Mist inhaler off the shelf that used chlorofluorocarbons as propellant, but because of the chlorofluorocarbons they have been discontinued in the United States.

This means I don’t have over-the-counter access for a condition I know I have. In fact, if I want to continue to have a safety net in case of an attack, I must go to a doctor and received a limited amount of inhalers to treat my life-threatening illness. Where’s the altruism in that? Why did it take them so long to go after the Pharma Bro after increasing lifesaving medicine for so many by 500 percent? There is no equality and justice in the world of medicine and profit.

Right now, Washington consumers are being torn and told different things about marijuana, the gateway drug to the fridge, but the truth is it is medicine on different levels, and that includes recreational use. People who have cried about the low medical prices are primarily from out of state worried about their overhead, not the overall quality of the product or what’s in the best interest of the Washington state populace.

Instead they’re banking on tourist and hipster dollars, people who just really don’t know but accept that there’s a store and no cops following them after a purchase. When people keep calling the medical market “the black market” that right there tells me you never had any real love for this magical plant known as Cannabis Sativa.

Don’t tell me you’re in it for the people when I can’t play in your garden. Every grower has their own technique and it’s up to me to decide what I want in my body.

It’s okay to love money, just don’t lie to me or say you’re part of my cause. Of course you don’t want to go to jail but what have you done for those behind bars for doing the same shit you do every day and make a living off of? In fact, I believe there are many players who feel protected because they’re paying off the right people; it has nothing to do with “safe practices” or doing the right thing.

Rep. Chris Hurst: “So-called medical marijuana today, for the most part, is a joke.” [KING 5]
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Rep. Chris Hurst:
“So-called medical marijuana today, for the most part, is a joke.”
[KING 5]

Recently the home grow billed failed and I can’t figure out why, except for state greed. There is no reasonable reason not to allow home grows except for fear of competition.

Fear of competition and fear of losing a market that doesn’t need control because in America the free market will sort itself out because an informed consumer will always try to go to quality over quantity, notice I say almost, there is a reason places like McDonalds and Wal-Mart exist, people need a place to get something of medium quality at a lower price.

The gentrification of marijuana is as horrible as it sounds but from my perspective it’s also an amazing thing to watch. As marijuana and drug law common sense pervades our great nation it’s only a matter of time that the taboo will be no more. And as this happens, people with money will get involved to help secure the accepted business market regardless of the truth, that the regulation involved so far is needless and unnecessary.

Marijuana is just a plant, and should be regulated like any other fruit or vegetable.

Twenty years ago Washington state, California, Oregon and Canada were years ahead when it came to the common sense approach to marijuana. In fact, as a California resident, I thought it was going to be the first state to legalize it recreationally, but the growers and players of the medical market have squashed past chances at that for good reason.

Washington state is an example of people in charge or even owning a recreational shop having complete disregard for its past legal history or even the actual medical properties of this amazing plant. There’s a saying when one looks for a job, and that’s fake it until you figure it out — and that’s what the recreational legislation and process has been like here.

It’s only a matter of time before the whole nation is on board; it’s only a matter of time when people can pick up their pumpkin spiced latté along with their pumpkin spice preroll at a local shop but to get there one must always pound for the truth, share the truth, and admit there’s plenty to learn.

Right now in Washington State it’s not the future of the plant people are fighting for, but the future of a market — a market that has already existed with no problems, a means and process that has existed with nothing but positive experiences for the state consumers/patients.

A word of advice to the other states trying to legalize marijuana: Focus on medical. Part of the overwhelming reason recreational marijuana passed in Washington state is because the citizens here know that marijuana is not the drug they were taught in high school. People have been exposed to the sick and not-so-sick acquiring their legal cannabis needs since 1998, and you know what? The zombie apocalypse has not happened.

Focus on medical marijuana, teach people about the endocannabinoid system, teach them what jury nullification is and raise awareness to the masses in your area, for to educate is to illuminate, the light at the end of the tunnel. The light will always break through the darkness because it always stands out.

If you don’t think something is presently wrong with our justice system and marijuana, let me point something out. Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington since 1998 and recreational weed since 2012.

Since 2014 there have been several medical marijuana cases prosecuted by a Federal prosecutor: The Kettle Falls Five, Debbie Brechler-Mauk, Josh Mauk, and finally Lance Gloor. All were following along with Washington state’s arbitrary guidelines and all were active participants in the medical marijuana market.

I’m not sure if those involved in the prosecution of these individuals saw open and shut cases or actual criminals but they’re wrong on both accounts. To make money from marijuana is not a crime and the system needs to accept this.

The gentrification of marijuana is a horrible thing but its helping to expedite Walmart weed which could possibly free those presently incarcerated and in the big picture that’s what this is all about — giving vindication to those who have been told they’re less human, getting the actual medicine to those who need it, and giving adults a safer recreational substance to use (which in theory makes it medical for society).

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