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By Miguel aka Miggy 420

Today, June 3, 2016, was the final date for the end of Lance Gloor vs. The United States of America or as how I’ve been seeing it “Lance Gloor vs. Vince Lombardi” (not the football hero but his douche arrogant spoiled grandson).

The justice system has a way of manipulating circumstances and this is why the law is flawed, why so many should stand up, because it’s easier to imprison a person based on circumstances and reputation, not on an actual crime with an actual victim, and in the case of Lance Gloor this is clearly evident.

Lance Gloor’s trial should have stopped at the initial investigation based on the evidence provided at his trial but because the state could not make a case, which has happened three times (Deb and Josh Mauk, Kettle Falls Five) before, they handed their investigation to the Fed; where’s the legality and justice in that?

The sentencing was originally scheduled for 10:30 but just like the government they decided to up the time to 10 am based on a bogus fear of threats that Lance Gloor was some sort of cartel leader because of Facebook posts but no physical substantial evidence of being anything close to owning lions and flying to the Caribbean on the weekends.

Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi [KUOW]
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Assistant US Attorney Vincent Lombardi,
the football coaching legend’s douche arrogant spoiled grandson


It’s hard to believe Lance was making millions when his mom is thinking of selling everything to pay for an appeals lawyer, and even if he was successful, the last I checked in America that’s everyone’s goal, to be considered Trump rich – isn’t that why he’s a contender?

Lance Gloor’s prosecution has nothing to do with justice; it was personal with prejudice, there was nothing presented nor truly found guilty of that deserves 10 years locked away in a cell with no future, away from his daughter, his mother, his family that loves him so; this alone tells me he does not belong behind bars for a plant.

The trial of Lance Gloor should have never been just based off the evidence of the trial. Besides the fact that he was conducting business like the thousand other dispensaries at the time, there seems to have been a personal agenda behind the attempts to find criminal activity, probably simply cause the police look like the Keystone Cops in this situation with their pursuit of going after a pothead and not a real criminal.

Why does the state hand cases of legal State situations to the Fed?

The sentencing was originally scheduled April 15, 2016 but true to neo-fascism provided by the U.S government Lance was incarcerated three weeks prior over a cellphone violation that would really not provide any real information over a threat posted on Facebook that something as simple as a screen capture could prove if the government really had a case. Since there was no real proof, the sentencing was postponed to June 3, 10:30 a.m.

Even still, the government overreacted to an invisible threat of killer potheads with extra security and Marshals which probably  meant overtime for someone, over nothing. Despite these measures Lance’s sentencing was upped half an hour in order to disrupt any support for this lack of a better word — innocent man.

No real physical evidence has ever been produced over claims of threats that weren’t even presented during trial but during the violation hearing and sentencing, not judgement of the crime that convicted of in a state that has recreational and medical marijuana, what was presented was a judgment of the quality of the person he is with things like Judge Ronald Leighton calling him a “flim flam man” which is old timey talk for “douche” … which still isn’t illegal.

During sentencing the judge even brought up the gun issue which he was found “not guilty” of, if you preach that you abide by justice I would hope and think you would abide by the judgment of his peers; it was here that Judge Leighton put himself above the will of the people he supposedly serves.

Because of the change in time I missed the opening argument of sentencing presented by the assistant prosecutor who made claims of “Despite repeated notice that his marijuana business was illegal under state and federal law, he continued to use lies, threats and intimidation to try to cover his tracks and make as much money as he could.” This claim is wrong; he was operating under the guise which everyone else was and is following like when you follow the flow of traffic at 80 miles an hour because that’s the safe thing to do.

When I walked in I had the pleasure of hearing Vince Lombardi (the asshole, not the hero) present his case on how Lance should serve at least a minimum of 5 years because others in his situation have received that sentence, including a man that was forced to go from pot to a harder narcotic as a snitch to make a controlled purchase. The government thinks nonviolent victimless crime people are just assets to use for a more deviant purpose and this is where our justice becomes purported and wrong.

Vince Lombardi’s points for why the state of marijuana is still ambiguous were wrong. He referred to legalization as an experiment but at what point does 18 years turn into a fact and not an experiment? Lance Gloor was found guilty of running multiple pot shops and today in Washington he would just be considered a businessman not ring leader.

Lance was judged and sentenced off his character not the actual crime nor victims. Judge Leighton brought up things that weren’t pertinent to public safety but personal opinion, Lance Gloor is serving 10 years for being a “flim-flam man” which just means someone I don’t like. Marijuana is not a crime.

An ironic contention of this whole thing is that Vince Lombardi kept pushing the idea that even if Lance was operating at the guidelines of the time, he would not be legal today — but in fact the new (horrible) Washington state addendum SB 5052 doesn’t take effect until July 1, which means Lance would be legal as I write these words. And as they said those words. Good job, Vince Lombardi, for convicting a man that is innocent, when America is facing an opiate problem or even the 22 Veterans killing themselves everyday. But no, the guy supplying them their safer alternative is the bad guy.

Lance Gloor is guilty of having a childish mind with a boylike smile but he is not guilty of hurting anyone, killing, raping, or anything else worth long cold loveless years in prison, he’s an American, God fucking damnit.

The players:


Vince Lombardi  (not the football hero) smug villain, one step below rolling his fingers and laughing maniacally

Rotating attorneys

Cellphone violation after found guilty and 3 weeks before sentencing

Devastated family

This not just a question about if Lance Gloor was breaking the law but if there was a victim, for that should always be the question in America when we break up families and take life away from the individual.

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