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I’m going through all the months-old messages on my landline phone to which I’ve never paid any attention. (I know, I know. But I’m Zen about such things.)I came to one from a lady, K, that had been left at my number accidentally; it was intended for someone else, and was about a charitable grant that was available (months ago when the message was left).

I couldn’t just erase the message without calling K and telling her that her message never reached its intended recipient. That just felt wrong and disrespectful. I called to tell her.

She said, “These grants were given months ago. But this isn’t about that grant. The universe wanted you to call; we just have to figure out why. What do you do?”

I told her I’m a writer.

“What do you write about?” she asked.

I told her medical marijuana; I’m a patient advocate and legalization activist.

She said, “That’s the reason you called. I’m in a lot of pain and I’ve been wondering if raw cannabis juicing could help me.”

“Yes,” I told her. “Yes, it could help you.”

I went on to explain how she can get authorized in Oregon, and once she does, how she can get started juicing raw cannabis.

She’s going to call about getting her authorization tomorrow.

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