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The thing that irritates me most about some people against the medical marijuana movement is that they know for a fact that their chemical, pharmaceutical pain and psychiatric meds are very dangerous — and regularly fatal — yet accept them and take them regularly without reading one word of research about them.

People trust ethically-compromised docs who literally get paid to promote drugs that are known to harm people.

However, when MMJ folk beg for their neighbors to please listen to what has been said anecdotally or submitted as valid research documentation by doctors all over the world, people against the movement say: “It’s dangerous. There aren’t enough studies, and they could be harmful” … in other words, the EXACT things they NEVER say about Oxycontin, Adderall, Prozac, or Abilify.

Psych drugs have suicide warnings in their packet inserts. People know before they start taking them that they can die because of them.

Seriously? This is the best American pharma companies can do for the billions they get paid globally every year?

These drugs contribute to thousands of deaths annually yet people still keep taking them — without asking for “better research.”

So what is the real truth?

The truth is that people are too busy, ignorant, or lazy to research a drug that is far cheaper, far healthier, and 100 percent customizable. It is the only drug for which every person in America can create their own personal medication strain.

With chemical, pharmaceutical drugs, people take what they’re told without question, and they can’t even discontinue use without paying for another doctor visit.

Cannabis is dirt cheap (when you grow your own), can be discontinued at any time, can be changed at any time. There are no limits as to how many times a day a person can have it and it can be taken sublingually, dermally, ingested in food, smoked, or vaporized.

This is why there should be no arguments about researching cannabis for legal medical purposes. The chemical med system is shattered and needs to be replaced.

The standard arguments against medical marijuana are poorly conceived, ill-informed, costly, and harmful to patients.



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